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Wards Solicitors’ launch ‘film night’ at the Watershed

Wards Solicitors’ launch ‘film night’ at the Watershed

Local legal specialists, Wards Solicitors held their first film night, last night, to support International Women's Day. They hope to hold other film nights, over the coming months, to support local charities, initiatives and just as an excuse to break out the popcorn!

Local professionals were invited to the first Wards Solicitors' film night, held at The Watershed, on Wednesday 6th March. The film chosen, Sisters-in-Law, had been screened at over 120 film festivals around the world and won awards at those in Cannes, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Santa Barbara, Melbourne and the UK.

Sisters-in-Law tells the story of four cases in Cameroon involving violence against women. It shows women seeking justice and effecting change on universal human rights matters. Importantly, it shows some of the first successful prosecutions for domestic abuse, brought in that country. However, it's not a depressing story of trauma but one of hope, enlightenment and systemic change. Wards Solicitors was thrilled to be able to show it and celebrate those women's story.

To support International Women's Day, Wards Solicitors donated the 'full price adult' cost of a cinema ticket to the Women's Project for each attendee.

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