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10 Helpful tips for choosing a conveyancing lawyer

This article has been adapted from an illustrated document you can download here. 1. Think about the type of conveyancing service you are buying In short – what do you need and want from your... Read full guide

Buying a house together? Understanding cohabitation and joint property ownership

Cohabiting couples frequently misunderstand how the law applies to them.  The most common misconception is that, somehow, one gains ‘rights’ by virtue of the length of the relationship.  This... Read full guide

Buying a property at auction

Who can resist the drama of an auction! Will the property sell, or not? Will it go for more than expected? Will it make its reserve? Who will buy it? So why do sellers choose auctions? Reasons vary,... Read full guide

Letting a property

Whether you’re purchasing a property to let or considering become a landlord following moving in with a partner, or getting married, it can be an effective way of generating an income.  However,... Read full guide

My property is not registered at HM Land Registry. Should I be concerned?

Did you know that: 30% of Land in England and Wales is unregistered*… even if your title is currently unregistered you can apply to the HM Land Registry for it to be done What is registration? All... Read full guide

Register your title to your property

What is registration? All land and property ownership in England and Wales is subject to a system of registration at the HM Land Registry. Land registration confers benefits and safeguards to... Read full guide

What is a ‘Local Search’?

This is a report from the local authority. It has two purposes: to avoid the risk of unknown liabilities, which could be financial, and to provide information that could be useful to the purchaser.... Read full guide

Why have a Flood Search?

In June 2009, the Environment Agency (EA) published its report ‘Flooding in England’ which estimated that 5.2 million (1-in-6) properties in England were at risk from flooding. This was nearly... Read full guide

Why have a survey?

The rule for buyers of property is ‘let the buyer beware’. This means that, if you are buying, you should ensure that you’re satisfied with regard to all matters relating to the purchase,... Read full guide

Why have an Environmental search?

On the basis of research on historic and current land use, the Environment Agency has estimated that there are 325,000 potentially contaminated sites in England and Wales, of which some 33,500 are... Read full guide

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