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Cohabitation Agreements or “no nups”

What rights do common-law husbands/ wives have? There is a common misconception that unmarried couples obtain certain rights and privileges when they become a “common law wife or husband”. The... Read full guide

Court of Protection: What you need to know

The Court of Protection is a specialist court which was set up under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to help individuals who lack the capacity to be able to make decisions for themselves. The Court can... Read full guide

Disputing a Will or making a claim against an estate

When someone dies it is distressing enough without the added worry that a dispute over the Will or estate can bring. However, if you feel that you are dissatisfied with the provisions of the Will... Read full guide

Going to court

Any dispute is distressing, whether you are the person suing or being sued.  The process is complicated, time-consuming and frequently costly.  To help you, we have set out some of the key areas of... Read full guide

How to contest a Will

If you are unhappy with a Will, you may be able to contest it. There is no point pretending that this is not a complicated process. Or that it isn’t going to be emotionally draining at times. Or... Read full guide

Letting a property

Whether you’re purchasing a property to let or considering become a landlord following moving in with a partner, or getting married, it can be an effective way of generating an income.  However,... Read full guide

Understanding the dispute process and your case

Going to court Going to court sounds frightening and, without the right advice, it can be. Court proceedings can be unpredictable, both in terms of the outcome and the cost. Before we start, we’ll... Read full guide

Understanding Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation Traditionally, if you were locked in a dispute, there were two options to resolve it. You either managed to sort it out between the parties involved, often using solicitors to negotiate a... Read full guide

What are the grounds for contesting a Will?

There are a number of grounds on which a Will can be contested, or challenged. But before we explore these in this legal guide, and our accompanying legal guides Who Can Contest a Will and How to... Read full guide

Who can contest a Will?

As the number of disputes over Wills grow, with the Courts having to rule in many cases, the question ‘Who can contest a Will?’ is being asked more and more often. Basically, anyone who has a... Read full guide

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