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Wills, Probate and Mental Capacity

Advanced medical decisions

An advance medical decision, often referred to as an ‘advance directive’ or ‘living will’, is a written statement of your wishes about medical treatment if you become terminally ill or... Read full guide

Advantages and Disadvantages of Appointing Wards Solicitors to Act in Estate Administration

Advantages Disadvantages Peace of mind that the estate administration will be dealt with properly in accordance with the law and best practice. Cost.  Wards supply details of their estate... Read full guide

Appointing a Guardian

A guardian of a child is someone who looks after a child if their parent or carer dies. The guardian will have the legal right to take care of the child as well as the right to make important... Read full guide

The Civil Partnership Act explained

What is the Civil Partnership Act? Civil partnership allows same-sex couples aged 16 and over (if under 18, they must gain parental consent), resident in the UK and Northern Ireland and not already... Read full guide

Court of Protection: What you need to know

The Court of Protection is a specialist court which was set up under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to help individuals who lack the capacity to be able to make decisions for themselves. The Court can... Read full guide

Executors’ duties

If you have been named as the Executor of someone’s Will, you may decide not to take on the role.  If you do decide to act as an Executor, you have certain responsibilities and duties which are... Read full guide

Giving away your home

For a variety of reasons many people wish to transfer their home from their name into that of another.  It is important that the implications of transferring your home are fully understood, so the... Read full guide

What happens if someone dies without leaving a Will?

If someone dies without leaving a Will (which is known as ‘dying intestate’) then an already distressing time can become even more complicated.  To proceed with the administration of the estate... Read full guide

Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney /Advance Directives (Living Wills)

The Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney is a document that appoints an attorney or attorneys to make decisions about personal welfare which can include healthcare and medical treatment... Read full guide

Why should I make or revise my Will?

A correctly drawn Will is an inexpensive way of avoiding difficulties for your relatives and friends in the future in the event of your death. It puts you in control of the final destination of your... Read full guide

What to do immediately after someone has died

We are sometimes asked by clients what they have to do immediately after a relative dies.  This leaflet contains the most important matters a relative has to deal with first: Collect the medical... Read full guide

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

What is it? IHT is a charge on a person’s capital wealth. It can be charged as a lifetime tax on capital but it is usually paid when someone dies. Not everyone pays it. There are allowances and... Read full guide

Introduction to Living Wills

Question: What did Richard Nixon and Claire Rayner have in common? Answer: They were both part of the growing number of people who make Living Wills. Just 2% of the public have made Living Wills. 12%... Read full guide

Lasting Powers of Attorney – what are they?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a document whereby you appoint a person or people to act upon your behalf in the event that you are unable to manage your property and financial affairs.  You can also... Read full guide

Lasting Powers of Attorney: The Certificate Provider

As an important safeguard against abuse, one of the requirements to validly make a Lasting Power of Attorney is for the document to be signed by an independent person who can confirm that the person... Read full guide

Lasting Powers of Attorney – the role of the attorney

Attorneys can make the following decisions under a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), subject to any contrary restrictions, conditions or guidance contained within the LPA: Buying or selling property;... Read full guide

Older and Vulnerable Client Care Procedures

We realise that it is especially important to treat older clients, their families and representatives, with additional consideration, by being both sympathetic and sensitive to any issues they may... Read full guide

Preparing for the future: Advice for Elderly Clients

When you’re preparing for the future, getting the right advice is vital. It’s not just as simple as getting someone to write a Will, though. You need to be able to rely on expert advice to help... Read full guide

What is probate?

When someone dies you need to get the court’s permission to deal with their estate before you can do anything.  This means that you are not allowed to collect up the assets, distribute them to... Read full guide

When should an LPA be registered?

Before the LPA can be used it must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). Their fee covers registration and should it occur, their costs of investigating allegations of... Read full guide

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