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Latest news by Amy Jones

Islamic faith marriage alone not valid under English law

An Islamic couple who marked their wedding with a traditional ‘nikah’ ceremony but without a civil service were never legally married, the Court of Appeal has decided in a landmark case. It ruled... Read full article

Parental responsibility – what rights does it give me?

Co-parenting after a relationship ends can be tough – especially if you don’t always see eye to eye on what is best for your child. Things can get particularly tricky when one parent wants to... Read full article

Post-nuptial agreements – ‘life insurance’ for your marriage?

An increasing number of couples are entering into post-nuptial agreements, sometimes many years into their marriage, to set out exactly who gets what if they divorce. The rise in second marriages and... Read full article

Planning a wedding? Make sure you know about marriage registration changes

A major overhaul of the way marriages are to be registered could be introduced as soon as this year with potentially huge implications for some newlywed couples. Most people know that the new Civil... Read full article

Grandparents: Access to grandchildren when the parents split

More grandparents than ever before are going to court for the right to see their grandchildren, recent figures reveal. Statistics from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) show that grandparents applied to... Read full article

Second marriage? Put a pre-nup on your wedding list

More people than ever before are getting married for a second or even third time – and as a result, there has been a significant increase in couples who want the security of a pre-nuptial agreement... Read full article

Calls for divorce law reform as women told she has to stay in loveless marriage

There have been renewed calls for the reform of the divorce law system after a woman was told by the Supreme Court that she must remain in what she claims is a ‘loveless and desperately unhappy... Read full article

Irresponsible conduct with family assets could cost you dear in a divorce settlement

When it comes to divvying up the family silver on divorce, many people may be surprised to learn that even adultery or behaviour so unreasonable it leads to the breakdown of the marriage is highly... Read full article

Divorce: What exactly is reasonable when it comes to reasonable needs?

Every now and then, amid screaming headlines, a divorce settlement will hit the newspapers and whip up a new storm of controversy about the definition of the term ‘reasonable needs’. One recent... Read full article

Will more open family courts lead to transparent justice or privacy invasion?

Ever wondered why, when it comes to the break-up of Hollywood celebrity couples, that we get to hear every cough and spit, every allegation and counter allegation, every salacious detail of their... Read full article

Depp’s divorce – why it couldn’t happen here

Film star Johnny Depp’s marriage has hit the rocks with wife Amber Heard filing for divorce citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ – a term commonly heard by UK divorce lawyers even though these... Read full article

Financial claim allowed to continue 20 years after divorce

On 11 March 2015 the Supreme Court gave judgement in the case of Wyatt v Vince UKSC14. It decided that a Wife could make an application to the court to ask for a lump sum of money 20 years after... Read full article

Wife told by Judge to ‘get a job’

In a recent case the Court of Appeal decided that a wife aged 51 could not expect to continue to receive £75,000 per year in maintenance from her former husband and that she should find her own... Read full article

The ‘new’ Court programme

The 22nd April 2014 saw many changes being brought into the Family Court. You will no doubt have heard about many through the press however here is a practical summary of some of the main changes... Read full article

Dispelling the myths of Divorce

There are many common misunderstandings surrounding the divorce... Read full article

There’s no such thing as a ‘Common Law Spouse’

We’ve all been there – looking through to find the cheapest car insurance and you are given the option of ‘single/married/common-law... Read full article

Domestic Abuse – clarifying the issues raised in Coronation Street

The current storyline between Tyrone and Kirsty raises questions in relation to Tyrone’s domestic abuse by Kirsty. The legal protection afforded to victims of domestic abuse does not discriminate... Read full article

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