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Latest news by Emma Kerry

Inheritance Disputes: what is proprietary estoppel and when might it affect you?

A recent case has illustrated the potential to bring a successful claim again an estate where a person is promised a share of an estate during the testator’s lifetime but no provision has been made... Read full article

Bringing a claim against an estate under the 1975 Inheritance Act

If you are concerned that someone close to you has died without making adequate provision for you in their will, or if they have died without making a will and no provision is made for you under the... Read full article

Uncaring daughter’s attempt to overturn mother’s Will fails in High Court

A mother whose daughter showed ‘very little care for her’ had every right to leave her virtually nothing in her Will, the High Court has ruled. Maudlin Bascoe left a note with her Will which made... Read full article

Disputed Will – Sisters say wealthier brother should inherit less than them

Just how complicated things can get when there is a breakdown in family communication has been highlighted by one of the latest inheritance disputes to reach the High Court. Sisters Jennifer Penny... Read full article

Inheritance disputes – why bringing a late claim may still be worth considering

If you are unhappy with the provision made for you in a Will, it may still be well worth taking advice to see if you can bring a claim even if you have missed the strict legal deadline for doing so.... Read full article

Woman wins £325,000 from late partner’s estate after ‘sad dispute’ with his daughters

A woman misled into moving out of the home she’d shared with her partner by his two daughters after he died has won her claim for reasonable financial provision from his estate. Carole Taylor, 70,... Read full article

Infant children win court challenge for maintenance after father dies without updating his Will

The crucial importance of regularly updating your Will has been dramatically highlighted by the case of a man who died unexpectedly before his divorce was finalised. As a result, two of his children... Read full article

Latest gig economy tribunal rules couriers are workers not self-employed

A group of Hermes couriers has scored a resounding victory in the ongoing battle between gig economy employers and those who work for them. In what is considered one of the most significant... Read full article

Inheritance disputes – why running out of time can be costly

The importance of taking legal action quickly if you are not happy with the provisions made for you in a Will has been dramatically highlighted by a recent High Court ruling. Farmer’s widow, Mary... Read full article

More and more people are contesting a Will – Wards Solicitors explain the grounds for taking action

The number of people contesting a Will and falling out over inheritance has increased dramatically in recent years. Statistics show that the number of cases involving adult children disputing their... Read full article

Poisonous behaviour – how a Will was declared invalid using a rarely used and rarely successful challenge

Fraudulent calumny. It’s not a phrase many people have heard of and is in fact so rare that even lawyers have to dust off their old text books when it comes up in legal circles. But a recent court... Read full article

Estranged daughter inherits even though father’s Will states she should receive nothing

When Stanley Nahajec made his Will, he couldn’t have expressed his wishes more clearly. “I have made no provision for either of my sons or daughter. I have not seen or heard from any of my... Read full article

Need to know: Ending a tenancy

The term of the Tenancy Agreement will depend on the Tenancy Agreement you have entered into with your Tenant. If you wish to bring the Tenancy Agreement to an end, either at the expiry of the fixed... Read full article

Need to know: Difficult tenants

Whilst most properties are let to tenants without any difficulty, it is inevitable that sometimes problems do arise, for example, if the tenant fails to pay their rent or breaches other terms of the... Read full article

What happens when a charity gets caught up in a dispute?

It is common for charities to be named as beneficiaries in a Will but difficulties can arise when a Will is subsequently... Read full article

What happens if you want to remove or substitute executors or administrators?

As you might well expect, the principles regarding the removal or substitution of executors or administrators of estates are contained within a thick and dusty legal document – in this case in... Read full article

Do you want to see your children in a bitter dispute after your death?

Of course it goes as read that no parent wants this. However, unfortunately, disputes can and do arise and this is illustrated by a case reported by the Yorkshire Evening Post in the estate of Lena... Read full article

Removing executors – what you need to know…

If you feel that the Executors appointed by Will are failing to administer the estate properly then you may want to take action sooner rather than later. We’ve put together some basic facts to... Read full article

As if you needed proof that you needed to write a Will…

A recent case in the High Court of Justice Chancery Division in Cardiff has highlighted, again, the importance of leaving a Will. If you’re concerned about making sure that your estate passes to... Read full article

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