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Commercial Property

Are you a commercial tenant?

Frustration As a commercial tenant, you might be entitled to terminate your lease on the basis of frustration due to the current pandemic. In particular this concerns businesses that have been... Read full article

Limits to Landlord’s Powers to Evict Business Tenants

The Coronavirus Act 2020 came into force on 26 March 2020 and has increased the protection available to business tenants during the corona crisis. These will apply to tenants of commercial premises... Read full article

Contracts and Coronavirus – force majeure and frustration

As the impact of Covid-19 continues to spread, we are seeing some clients express concern that they may not be able to perform their obligations under contracts with customers. Here, we look at how... Read full article

Pop-up shops – not just for Christmas

Christmas is coming and without doubt bringing a new selection of pop-up shops to a high street near you. From pubs to cafes, fashion to make-up outlets, lifestyle to charity shops, the rise of... Read full article

Why a properly drawn up tenancy can save you money in the long run

A stitch in time can save nine, so the saying goes. This was certainly the case for a small business owner recently after he took what he thought was a money saving exercise which resulted in him... Read full article

Landowners – new Telecoms Code now in force

The provisions of the new Electronic Communication Code, part of the Digital Economy Act 2017, are now – as of 28 December 2017 – up and running, affecting all landowners with telecoms equipment... Read full article

Do you need to file an extra Stamp Duty Land Tax return?

The rules surrounding Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) are undoubtedly complicated and no one wants to get caught out – hence the need to make sure you avoid some common pitfalls as well as the... Read full article

Landmark business rates case for property developers

A milestone ruling on an important business rates case, considered extremely good news for property developers, is beginning to have far reaching implications for owners and developers of vacant... Read full article

Top 10 pointers for landlords about new EPC rules

After April, new rules mean you cannot legally rent out a property unless it passes a minimum energy efficiency test. According to Government figures, more than 400,000 properties in England and... Read full article

Pop-up shops – good news for landlords and tenants

Pop-up retail is continuing to blow a breath of fresh air through Britain’s high street – a trend that seems set to continue. With one in eight shops lying vacant across the UK, according to the... Read full article

Pop-up shops – the legal issues landlords and tenants need to know about

Pop-up shops are a growing phenomenon – a stroll down many UK high streets reflects this. Once most common at Christmas, pop-ups are now a year round fixture and a market which generates a turnover... Read full article

Mind the gap – making sure your property purchase doesn’t trip you up

It’s easy to assume that on the day you ‘complete’ on the purchase of the property you’re buying, you become the legal owner. Let the champagne corks fly and the celebrations begin! But you... Read full article

The new telecoms code – what does it mean for landowners?

A new draft code covering mobile phone and broadband infrastructure affecting all landowners with telecoms equipment on their land is to come into force, possibly as early as next year. The Digital... Read full article

Bristol City Council bans use of property guardian schemes for its empty buildings

Developers are being urged to tread cautiously if considering using property guardians to look after their empty properties after Bristol City Council announced it will stop using them in the future.... Read full article

Rent concession letters – making sure you get the wording right

A bitterly contested dispute between the iconic fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, and the landlord of her flagship Mayfair shop has highlighted the importance of taking great care when it comes to... Read full article

Landlords and property guardians – where do you stand?

It might seem like the perfect solution in an overcrowded housing market – you let people live in your empty property and in return, they provide protection from squatters and vandalism until... Read full article

Business rates reduction for property developer doing renovation work

Property developers carrying out building renovation work have been given welcome news on the level of business rates they may pay in the future by a landmark Supreme Court ruling. In a test case,... Read full article

Landlords – are you responsible for your tenants tobacco duty evasion?

Commercial landlords could be fined for failing to ensure their tenants are not breaking customs and excise rules – particularly the sale of illegal tobacco through retail outlets – if new... Read full article

Planning permission – don’t turn a blind eye to copyright

Buying a land with planning permission is a bonus so going on to develop it is simple and straightforward, right? Well, actually the answer is no, as a recent High Court decision shows, highlighting... Read full article

Vacant possession – could a partition wall get in the way?

The already murky waters of what vacant possession actually means in practice have been further muddied by a recent court case. Courts already tend to interpret the meaning of vacant possession on a... Read full article
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