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Commercial Property

The new telecoms code – what does it mean for landowners?

A new draft code covering mobile phone and broadband infrastructure affecting all landowners with telecoms equipment on their land is to come into force, possibly as early as next year. The Digital... Read full article

Bristol City Council bans use of property guardian schemes for its empty buildings

Developers are being urged to tread cautiously if considering using property guardians to look after their empty properties after Bristol City Council announced it will stop using them in the future.... Read full article

Rent concession letters – making sure you get the wording right

A bitterly contested dispute between the iconic fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, and the landlord of her flagship Mayfair shop has highlighted the importance of taking great care when it comes to... Read full article

Landlords and property guardians – where do you stand?

It might seem like the perfect solution in an overcrowded housing market – you let people live in your empty property and in return, they provide protection from squatters and vandalism until... Read full article

Business rates reduction for property developer doing renovation work

Property developers carrying out building renovation work have been given welcome news on the level of business rates they may pay in the future by a landmark Supreme Court ruling. In a test case,... Read full article

Landlords – are you responsible for your tenants tobacco duty evasion?

Commercial landlords could be fined for failing to ensure their tenants are not breaking customs and excise rules – particularly the sale of illegal tobacco through retail outlets – if new... Read full article

Planning permission – don’t turn a blind eye to copyright

Buying a land with planning permission is a bonus so going on to develop it is simple and straightforward, right? Well, actually the answer is no, as a recent High Court decision shows, highlighting... Read full article

Vacant possession – could a partition wall get in the way?

The already murky waters of what vacant possession actually means in practice have been further muddied by a recent court case. Courts already tend to interpret the meaning of vacant possession on a... Read full article

Landlords: How to protect yourself from property fraud

Property fraud is on the increase but most people will still be shocked to learn that a property you own can potentially be ‘sold’ without you knowing a thing about it. In the last three years,... Read full article

Is your commercial property green enough to meet new laws?

t might sound ages away but from April 2018, it’s highly likely that commercial property landlords will be required by law to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties, to at least band... Read full article

Vacant possession – avoiding the pitfalls

So, you’re buying or selling or you are a tenant of a commercial property. And the term ‘vacant possession’ has cropped up in the contract or lease. Everyone knows what that means…..don’t... Read full article

Dig out your deeds – voluntary land registration makes sense

Land and property bought and sold since 1990 is usually registered with the Land Registry, and the title stored electronically. But if you find that yours is not – possibly because it has never... Read full article

Asbestos – staying on top of your responsibilities

Buying a new commercial property? Have you thought about having an asbestos survey done? Although it has been illegal for builders to use asbestos for many years, it was once commonplace and even... Read full article

Broken Promises and Proprietary Estoppel

A legal doctrine which can remedy broken promises? It sound too good to be true, but it does exist. Proprietary estoppel is a doctrine which enables justice to prevail when the cause might otherwise... Read full article

Tenants at will, holding over and what this means for commercial property landlords and tenants

The Court of Appeal has recently handed down a judgment in another case arising as a result of falling rents. Increasingly seen, since the recession, the case of Barclays Wealth Trustees (Jersey)... Read full article

Tenant’s break clause deemed invalid because of one minor breach of covenant

The High Court has ruled, in Sirhowy Investments v Henderson EWHC 3562 (Ch), that one minor breach of the repairing covenant, by a tenant, invalidated its break notice. This cost the tenant... Read full article

What information do landlords have to provide to tenants?

As many landlords will be aware, the requirements of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) require them to serve ‘prescribed information’ on the tenants. This applies to all assured short hold... Read full article

VIDEOS: Debt Recovery

We all accept that cash-flow can make or break a business. We also all encounter slow payers, non-payers or disputed debts from time to... Read full article

Renting out roof space for solar panels: trouble for homeowners?

Solar energy remains very much in the news with the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (Decc) decision to cut subsidies for “feed-in tariff” payments to households generating electricity... Read full article

Understanding Vacant Possession

There’s a fair bet, if you have anything to do with commercial property, that you’ll have heard the term ‘vacant possession’.... Read full article
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