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How long does it take to set up a Cohabitation Agreement and what will it cost?

Unmarried couples make up about one fifth of all family units in England and Wales yet alarmingly don’t have the same rights as married couples. That’s why a Cohabitation Agreement is so... Read full article

Changing a Will and undue influence – what do you need to know?

A man accused by his nephew of ‘bullying’ his elderly mother into changing her Will to net himself a bigger slice has been cleared by the High Court of any wrongdoing. It’s the latest example... Read full article

Breaking up is hard to do, particularly in an economic crisis – how can we help?

When your relationship is already under strain, money worries can often prove to be the last straw. And as the cost of living crisis continues to bite, this is certainly what divorce lawyers are... Read full article

Weddings law reform – could it be just what you’re looking for?

An in-depth review of 70-year-old weddings law in the UK has come out overwhelmingly in favour of radical reform. As well as proposing that the system is freed up to allow couples greater choice over... Read full article

What we can all learn from King Charles’ Inheritance Tax liabilities

The news that King Charles III won’t have to pay death duties on the fortune he inherits from his mother is a reminder to many of us, who won’t find ourselves in the same position, to get up to... Read full article

UK bank holiday – do employees have a right for time off on 19 September?

Next Monday, 19 September, has been declared a bank holiday in the UK for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. However, this does not mean that employees are automatically entitled to the time... Read full article

Selling property – what if your buyer dies between exchange and completion?

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s important to know what to do and where you stand legally. Here at Wards Solicitors, it’s an issue our conveyancing team has seen more of recently... Read full article

Rise in set conditions in Wills

I’ll leave you my money but only if…how set conditions can ensure your Will does what you want it to An increasing number of Wills are being fine-tuned to give the Will-maker greater control over... Read full article

Don’t miss the trust registration deadline

Trust registration deadline looming – do you need to act? If you are the trustee of a trust, however small, it’s important you check to see if it needs to be registered by 1 September 2022. The... Read full article

Am I protected if my cohabiting partner dies?

Cohabiting: Can I stay in the family home if my partner dies? It’s a sad fact of life that without an appropriately drafted Will in place, unmarried, cohabiting partners have no automatic legal... Read full article

Neighbour wrote herself into dying man’s Will

Fraudulent Wills – don’t be caught out A man allowed his neighbour to fill in the blanks of his already signed and witnessed Will because she had better handwriting than him, a court has been... Read full article

Should you sever a joint tenancy if you separate?

Co-own a property? Should you sever a joint tenancy if you separate? Many couples who buy a home together, own it together as joint tenants. A joint tenancy is a legally binding contract and needs to... Read full article

Nephew successfully challenges ‘delusional’ uncle’s will

The paranoid delusions which affected an elderly man’s mental capacity to make a new Will were not properly investigated at the time, the High Court has ruled. The solicitor who prepared the Will... Read full article

Holiday pay for part-year workers

Changes to part-year holiday pay calculations – could they affect you? Part-year workers on permanent contracts are effectively entitled to the same holiday allowance as those who work all year... Read full article

How to make sure you avoid a post-divorce financial claim

An incredible 40% of divorcing couples are failing to sort out the financial side of separation, according to the latest government statistics. Out of 30,600 divorces, just 12,500 couples got as far... Read full article

Contested Will row

Contested Will row: Why a widow had to lose her home to pay her stepchildren’s legal fees The importance of taking legal advice at the earliest possible stage has been highlighted by an inheritance... Read full article

One in five employers planning redundancies this year, ACAS warns

A survey carried out by ACAS, an independent public body whose aim is to improve workplace relationships, has found that one in five employers are likely to carry out redundancies this year. For many... Read full article

Is your Will out of date?

Do I need to update my Will? Nearly half of all Wills in the UK are likely to be out of date, according to new research by Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE). Lawyers advise that Wills should be... Read full article

Inheritance dispute – Court of Appeal overturns High Court decision

Farmer did have the capacity to change his Will after all – Court of Appeal overturns High Court decision A long running inheritance dispute has taken another turn after the Court of Appeal ruled... Read full article

Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud

Good news for victims of financial fraud – why your bank may now have to refund you by law An important court case, and a government promise to amend legislation so more victims are reimbursed... Read full article
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