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Accidents & Injuries

How will the new Highway Code rules affect you? We look at some of the key points.

Major changes to the Highway Code aimed at better protecting the most vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists are now in force. The new rules follow a major government consultation of... Read full article

Had an accident at work? What to do and how to claim compensation

The number of accidents in the workplace looks set to rise as employees previously furloughed or working from home return to offices, factories, retail and hospitality outlets and construction sites... Read full article

Had an accident involving a rental e-scooter? Here’s what to do next

As anyone who lives in Bristol and Bath will know, renting an e-scooter and zipping round the city is an increasingly popular way to get around. Trials approved by the Department of Transport began... Read full article

Did you have a cycling accident in lockdown? You’re not alone

The popularity of cycling soared during the pandemic – with, sadly, an increase in accidents and injuries on the road as a result. In fact, reports show that by the end of April 2020, just over a... Read full article

Is there a time limit on bringing a sexual abuse claim?

In cases involving personal injury, including sexual abuse and sexual assault cases, court proceedings must be commenced within 3 years from the ‘date of knowledge’, or 3 years from the... Read full article

Paws for thought…. avoiding road accidents and injury with dogs and other pets

There’s no doubt that the UK is nation of animal lovers.  More than half of the adult population own a pet, according to the PDSA’s most recent Paw Report 2020, and it seems that dogs are the... Read full article

What is Contributory Negligence and what does it mean for personal injury claims?

Even when a claim is successful, a claimant can be found partially to blame for his or her own injuries and this is known by lawyers as ‘contributory negligence’.  If the Court makes a finding... Read full article

Managing a personal injury settlement – what to consider

At Wards, we put the needs of our client’s first and that includes safeguarding our clients’ best interests before and after settlement of a claim.  In most cases, once a claimant recovers... Read full article

Diagnosed with an illness caused by asbestos but I don’t remember being exposed to it – what do I do?

You may be surprised to know that many people diagnosed with an illness caused by asbestos such as mesothelioma do not know where their asbestos exposure may have come from. Most people now recognise... Read full article

Positive news for seriously injured Claimants requiring special accommodation

Some fantastic news at long last for seriously injured Claimants following a Court of Appeal judgment on 9th October 2020 in the case of Swift v Carpenter. In cases involving serious injuries... Read full article

Mobile phones and driving – know your facts

As the government contemplates extending the ban on using mobile phones while driving to hands-free devices, the latest research dramatically highlights just how many people are already breaking the... Read full article

Compensation for passenger who slipped on aircraft steps

An airline which argued that a passenger’s headfirst fall down icy, snow-covered steps as he left an aircraft did not amount to an accident has been ordered to pay him more than £100,000 in... Read full article

Injured in a car accident on private land? You may be able to claim compensation

A man who was left paralysed after being run down and struck by an uninsured driver on private land is to receive substantial damages after winning a landmark case. In a decision which has huge... Read full article

Take out insurance says cyclist facing huge costs award

A cyclist confronted with an enormous legal bill after colliding with a pedestrian who was looking at her mobile phone at the time, has urged other bike riders to take out insurance ‘to help... Read full article

Compensation for Weston-super-Mare cyclist injured in ‘car dooring’ accident

Wards Solicitors’ Personal Injury specialist Helen Boyd has won compensation for a cyclist who suffered neck injuries in a ‘car dooring’ incident in Weston-super-Mare. The man involved was... Read full article

Cyclists – have you been involved in a ‘car dooring’ incident?

The problem of ‘dooring’ – when a cyclist is knocked off their bike by a car door being opened in their path – is getting worse and Bristol has one of the worst records in the country. The... Read full article

Important update: whiplash reforms set to become law

Controversial legislation to reduce whiplash insurance claims has now passed successfully through the House of Commons – to the dismay of personal injury lawyers concerned about how it will affect... Read full article

Asbestos related illness – claiming compensation

Up and down the country, every day, people are being diagnosed with asbestos-related illnesses even though the use of asbestos in its most dangerous forms has been illegal for decades with all types... Read full article

On your bike – cyclists no longer included in small claims limit

In what campaigners are claiming as a victory, cyclists will no longer be affected by controversial personal injury reforms which would have left many with a substantially reduced access to justice... Read full article

Time to call for a death by dangerous cycling offence?

Amid calls by campaigners for a change in the law, the Department of Transport has launched a public consultation to look at whether a new offence covering dangerous cycling should be brought in. The... Read full article
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