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Holiday refunds – making sure you get yours

When it comes to claiming a refund for a flight or holiday cancelled because of Covid-19, the law is on your side. However, particularly in the middle of a pandemic, enforcing your rights is not... Read full article

Landlords – extension of the eviction ban and recovering rent arrears

With the ban on residential evictions now extended from 25 June for another two months, many landlords will be increasingly concerned about their financial security. The move, introduced as part of... Read full article

Has your business suffered financial loss as a result of Covid-19?

As the impact of Covid-19 continues to spread, we are seeing some businesses incur significant financial losses. Furthermore, as the spread of the virus continues we observe that insurers do not... Read full article

FOS award limits increased to £355,000 from 1 April 2020

The Financial Conduct Authority has confirmed an annual increase to the award limits of the Financial Ombudsman Service. The Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”) is a free service which... Read full article

Are you a residential tenant?

As a tenant of private accommodation, you might be entitled to terminate your tenancy on the basis of frustration or suspend payment of rent, due to the current pandemic. Prior to getting in touch... Read full article

Lockdown and invalid Wills

One of the most common issues clients ask us to look at, when someone has died, is whether a Will affecting them is actually valid. Far and away the most common challenge is that the person who made... Read full article

Have you been mis-sold a Self-Invested Personal Pension?

With a much wider investment choice than a traditional private pension scheme, a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) can offer flexibility with investments. They allow people to invest in... Read full article

Inheritance disputes – can I get interim payments to help me during my claim?

For those who feel they have not been fairly provided for in a loved one’s Will, the prospect of bringing a long and potentially costly claim under the Inheritance Act can be a daunting one. When... Read full article

Another farming family torn apart by a bitter inheritance dispute

A daughter who worked long hours for low wages on the understanding she would one day inherit a significant part of the family farm has been awarded more than £1 million in compensation. The Court... Read full article

Need to contest a DIY Will? You are not alone

The significant rise in inheritance disputes between family members has been further fuelled by the increasing number of people opting to make DIY Wills. The number of these sorts of disputes ending... Read full article

Contractors: keep an accurate written brief or risk being found professionally negligent

In a case which emphasises the vital importance of contractors keeping accurate and up-to-date written project briefs, an architect who kept inefficient records has been ordered to pay a homeowner... Read full article

Truffle farm investment scam – could you bring a claim?

Unwitting victims of a major scam which tricked people into investing in non-existent truffle farms are being urged to take legal advice to assess their position and see what their options are. Five... Read full article

Financial watchdog increases compensation limit for consumers and businesses

A new higher compensation limit of £350,000 for consumers who have their complaints against financial services companies upheld by the UK’s financial watchdog will come in to effect next month... Read full article

Right to Rent – ‘discriminatory’ and against human rights but still in force for now

The government’s controversial Right to Rent scheme, hated by landlords and tenants alike, has been branded ‘discriminatory’ and in breach of human rights laws by the High Court. Introduced as... Read full article

Landlords: new ‘fit for human habitation’ legislation coming into force soon

A new act requiring all property rented out by a landlord to meet a ‘fit for human habitation’ checklist will become law in March this year. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018... Read full article

Cohabitee wins reasonable financial provision claim from deceased partner’s estate

A disabled man left just £5,000 in his cohabiting partner’s Will after a 20 year relationship and faced with having to move out of the home they shared, had not had reasonable financial provision... Read full article

Crucial reminder to landlords about changes to eviction rules

Landlords and letting agents are being urged to make sure they are clear on changes to the rules for evicting a tenant which come into force this week (1 October 2018). Section 21 eviction rules... Read full article

Freeholders – is forfeiting a lease a fair way to deal with a difficult tenant?

A freeholder has used the ‘ultimate sanction’ of forfeiture to deal with a problematic leasehold tenant who breached his lease by installing a new kitchen, bathroom and central heating system... Read full article

Infant children win court challenge for maintenance after father dies without updating his Will

The crucial importance of regularly updating your Will has been dramatically highlighted by the case of a man who died unexpectedly before his divorce was finalised. As a result, two of his children... Read full article

Do you have a Universal Wealth Preservation Trust? What to do next

Along with other solicitors up and down the country, we have recently been contacted by a number of extremely worried people who have transferred the ownership of assets including their homes and... Read full article
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