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Family & Divorce

Will your pre-nuptial agreement stand the test of time?

More couples than ever before are signing pre-nuptial agreements before getting married or entering into a civil partnership. This includes couples seeking to preserve inherited wealth, those in... Read full article

Legal by end of 2019 – civil partnerships for mixed-sex couples

Heterosexual couples in England and Wales who wish to enter into a civil partnership will be able to do so by the end of the year. A Private Members Bill, brought by MP Tim Loughton, has received... Read full article

Ending the blame game – historic change to divorce law will happen

The government is preparing to implement the biggest shake-up of divorce law in half a century with ‘no fault’ divorce a real possibility at last. The change, aimed at enabling couples to split... Read full article

Divorce – important developments on spousal maintenance

It’s an issue that has long been debated – are post-divorce maintenance orders with no end date a ‘meal ticket for life’ or an appropriate and sensible way of ensuring an ex-partner’s... Read full article

Divorcing for adultery? Why naming the co-respondent is a bad idea

The desire to wreak revenge on an unfaithful spouse is, many would agree, an entirely natural one – but naming the person they cheated on you with in your divorce petition is an urge worth... Read full article

Ending the blame game when it comes to divorce

The prospect of no-fault divorce has come one step nearer with news that the government has launched a public consultation on changes to the current system – a move welcomed by Wards Solicitors.... Read full article

Opposite-sex couples can now have a civil partnership

In a move which has been heralded as a victory for equality, the right to enter into a civil partnership is to be extended to heterosexual couples. Since March 2014, opposite-sex couples have been... Read full article

Calls for divorce law reform as women told she has to stay in loveless marriage

There have been renewed calls for the reform of the divorce law system after a woman was told by the Supreme Court that she must remain in what she claims is a ‘loveless and desperately unhappy... Read full article

Protecting your post-divorce finances

Getting divorced, even amicably, is always an emotional experience. But it’s sometimes easy to forget, especially when you are both determinedly trying to remain civil and considerate to each... Read full article

Getting married like Harry and Meghan? Should you have a pre-nup?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided not to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before their wedding, it has been reported, despite them both having obviously considerable assets. A friend of Prince... Read full article

Divorced but still married? Make sure your petition is legally safe

The launch of Divorce Centres across England and Wales was hailed by the government as an important step towards streamlining the divorce process with claims that applications could be turned around... Read full article

New calls for ‘no fault divorce’ as the effect of current law on separating couples comes under scrutiny once again

The question of whether the concept of ‘no fault’ divorce should be introduced into UK law has again been explored in another House of Commons Library Briefing Paper published last month.... Read full article

National awareness week to help cohabiting couples understand their legal rights

The drive to ensure that as many cohabitating couples as possible understand how limited their legal rights are compared to married couples is to continue with a special awareness week dedicated to... Read full article

Digital divorce – is it for you?

Married couples may soon be able to apply for a divorce entirely online in a legal shakeup designed to speed up the process and save the government money. The move is designed to cater for extremely... Read full article

Divorcing Dobbin – Pets and Family Break-up

As a nation of pet lovers, many of us can’t imagine our lives without our adored cat, dog, horse or small furry – and the thought of having to part with them is utterly heart breaking. And of... Read full article

Pension Pains – what happens to my pension if I divorce?

After the matrimonial home, a long standing pension is often the most valuable asset to be determined as part of the financial settlement portion of divorce proceedings. But the truth is, pensions... Read full article

Irresponsible conduct with family assets could cost you dear in a divorce settlement

When it comes to divvying up the family silver on divorce, many people may be surprised to learn that even adultery or behaviour so unreasonable it leads to the breakdown of the marriage is highly... Read full article

I want to divorce my partner … but I don’t know where they are.

What’s the issue? The title of this blog could be mistaken for a tag line on the Jeremy Kyle show but surprisingly, this issue comes up more regularly than most people would expect. The absent... Read full article

Holidays with your children post separation – things to consider

As we approach the holiday season the temperature of the relationship with a former partner can begin to rise when the parties discuss taking the children on holiday. It doesn’t need to be this... Read full article

How short does a marriage have to be to count as short?

An Appeal Court ruling that couples who divorce after short, childless marriages cannot expect to have their marital assets split down the middle by default is likely to have a considerable impact on... Read full article
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