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Family & Divorce

Resolving co-parenting issues during Covid-19

Co-parenting is often a complex and emotional process, and coronavirus has only added to the pressures that many families face. Wards Solicitors’ specialist team of family lawyers understand the... Read full article

Islamic faith marriage alone not valid under English law

An Islamic couple who marked their wedding with a traditional ‘nikah’ ceremony but without a civil service were never legally married, the Court of Appeal has decided in a landmark case. It ruled... Read full article

I want to divorce my same sex partner. Where do I start?

The number of same-sex marriages ending in divorce is continuing to rise, according to the Office for National Statistics. A total of 428 same-sex couples divorced last year compared to 338 in 2017,... Read full article

Parental alienation – why spotting the warning signs early is so crucial

When couples separate, the impact on their children can be huge – particularly when one parent deliberately tries to sabotage the other parent’s relationship with their children This is not just... Read full article

Happy New Year for opposite sex couples who want a civil partnership

Opposite sex couples will be able to enter into a civil partnership from 31 December this year. The House of Lords, in one of its final acts before parliament was dissolved for the general election... Read full article

Parental responsibility – what rights does it give me?

Co-parenting after a relationship ends can be tough – especially if you don’t always see eye to eye on what is best for your child. Things can get particularly tricky when one parent wants to... Read full article

Good news: ‘No fault’ divorce bill back on the parliamentary agenda

The widely supported ‘no fault’ divorce bill, dropped when parliament was prorogued last month, has made a welcome return after it was included in the latest Queen’s Speech. Family law experts... Read full article

Don’t lose your decree absolute

We’ve all done it. Pushed to the back of a drawer a document which we know is important but which we’d frankly rather forget all about. But a recent case, in which James Power could not find his... Read full article

Post-nuptial agreements – ‘life insurance’ for your marriage?

An increasing number of couples are entering into post-nuptial agreements, sometimes many years into their marriage, to set out exactly who gets what if they divorce. The rise in second marriages and... Read full article

Planning a wedding? Make sure you know about marriage registration changes

A major overhaul of the way marriages are to be registered could be introduced as soon as this year with potentially huge implications for some newlywed couples. Most people know that the new Civil... Read full article

Grandparents: Access to grandchildren when the parents split

More grandparents than ever before are going to court for the right to see their grandchildren, recent figures reveal. Statistics from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) show that grandparents applied to... Read full article

Public asked for views on extending civil partnerships

Heterosexual couples may soon be offered the chance to ‘convert’ their marriage to a civil partnership. The Government Equalities Office has launched a public consultation to see how best to... Read full article

Protecting the family farm with a pre-nuptial agreement

More and more farming couples are signing pre-nuptial agreements as a way to preserve wealth and ring-fence assets that have been in the family for generations. Farms tend to be much more than a... Read full article

Second marriage? Put a pre-nup on your wedding list

More people than ever before are getting married for a second or even third time – and as a result, there has been a significant increase in couples who want the security of a pre-nuptial agreement... Read full article

When farming couples split – tackling the problems of a complex divorce

Getting divorced can be complicated – and never more so than when it comes to a farming divorce. Currently, 42 per cent of all marriages end in divorce and there are a number of factors which make... Read full article

Will your pre-nuptial agreement stand the test of time?

More couples than ever before are signing pre-nuptial agreements before getting married or entering into a civil partnership. This includes couples seeking to preserve inherited wealth, those in... Read full article

Legal by end of 2019 – civil partnerships for mixed-sex couples

Heterosexual couples in England and Wales who wish to enter into a civil partnership will be able to do so by the end of the year. A Private Members Bill, brought by MP Tim Loughton, has received... Read full article

Ending the blame game – historic change to divorce law will happen

The government is preparing to implement the biggest shake-up of divorce law in half a century with ‘no fault’ divorce a real possibility at last. The change, aimed at enabling couples to split... Read full article

Divorce – important developments on spousal maintenance

It’s an issue that has long been debated – are post-divorce maintenance orders with no end date a ‘meal ticket for life’ or an appropriate and sensible way of ensuring an ex-partner’s... Read full article

Divorcing for adultery? Why naming the co-respondent is a bad idea

The desire to wreak revenge on an unfaithful spouse is, many would agree, an entirely natural one – but naming the person they cheated on you with in your divorce petition is an urge worth... Read full article
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