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Probate Disputes

Nephew successfully challenges ‘delusional’ uncle’s will

The paranoid delusions which affected an elderly man’s mental capacity to make a new Will were not properly investigated at the time, the High Court has ruled. The solicitor who prepared the Will... Read full article

Contested Will row

Contested Will row: Why a widow had to lose her home to pay her stepchildren’s legal fees The importance of taking legal advice at the earliest possible stage has been highlighted by an inheritance... Read full article

Inheritance battle: A 16-acre field, a ‘lost’ Will and another farming family at loggerheads in the High Court

The bitter divide between three sisters and their mother and brother has been laid bare in the High Court amid allegations of child labour on the family dairy farm, harsh living conditions and being... Read full article

Have you been left out of a Will? What to do next

The number of people disputing a loved one’s Will is rising fast with three in four people likely to experience an inheritance battle in their lifetime, according to a new survey. The current cost... Read full article

Inheritance disputes – why the High Court ruled that Jean Lech was free to leave her estate to exactly who she wanted

A woman furious that her stepmother had cut her out of her £1.2 million Will in favour of her cleaner and a ‘fake’ nephew has lost her inheritance battle at the High Court. Not only did Judge... Read full article

Are mirror Wills a good idea? A High Court probate battle with huge implications for the law suggests caution

When Angela and John Dunbabin decided to make mirror Wills leaving everything to their four sons in equal shares, the way forward in terms of inheritance appeared straightforward. However, when John... Read full article

Violently abusing a partner then inheriting their estate – why the law may soon stop this unfairness

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to look at a loophole in the law which allows convicted domestic abusers to inherit from their victims. It follows a meeting with Tom Guha whose mother Roma,... Read full article

Why inheritance claims by adult children aren’t always successful

Two adult daughters who allegedly nick-named their millionaire dad ‘the chequebook’ have failed in their attempt to bring a claim against his £2.2 million estate. The High Court decided that... Read full article

Farmer’s final Will declared invalid – despite doctor confirming he had mental capacity

A bitter inheritance dispute which has torn yet another farming family apart has finally ended with the High Court setting aside the third and final Will of 84-year-old Evan Hughes. In what the judge... Read full article

Careless whisper or careless Will? George Michael’s ex wins pay-out

George Michael’s former lover has won a share of the pop star’s fortune after successfully claiming he was wrongly left out of the singer’s Will. After a long legal battle, Kenny Goss has... Read full article

Why married couples need to make sure their wills are up to date – and cover all eventualities

The importance of making a will which covers ‘what if’ scenarios, like dying at the same time as your spouse or shortly after, has been highlighted by a recent court case. Alan Bailey died... Read full article

The family farm – making sure you keep your wealth where you want it

Succession planning for farming families is often complicated but it’s crucial when it comes to peace of mind and avoiding conflict among your loved ones later. Often most pressing is answering the... Read full article

Wills and LPA – Covid-19 Guidance

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues, we have understandably seen an increase in enquiries from people worried about making their wills and powers of attorney.  Making a will is one... Read full article

Inheritance Disputes: what is proprietary estoppel and when might it affect you?

A recent case has illustrated the potential to bring a successful claim again an estate where a person is promised a share of an estate during the testator’s lifetime but no provision has been made... Read full article

Bringing a claim against an estate under the 1975 Inheritance Act

If you are concerned that someone close to you has died without making adequate provision for you in their will, or if they have died without making a will and no provision is made for you under the... Read full article

Administering an estate during the COVID-19 crisis

Suffering a bereavement is incredibly difficult at the best of times, but having to also deal with the administration of that person’s estate can be extremely daunting, especially during the... Read full article

Lockdown and invalid Wills

One of the most common issues clients ask us to look at, when someone has died, is whether a Will affecting them is actually valid. Far and away the most common challenge is that the person who made... Read full article

He told me to keep his money or give it away says brother of man who died without a Will

The chaos you can leave behind when you die without a Will has been graphically illustrated by a recent case at the High Court. Mick Ivory died in November 2018 and, according to his brother Peter,... Read full article

Uncaring daughter’s attempt to overturn mother’s Will fails in High Court

A mother whose daughter showed ‘very little care for her’ had every right to leave her virtually nothing in her Will, the High Court has ruled. Maudlin Bascoe left a note with her Will which made... Read full article

Appeal Court victory for son cut out of mother’s Will

A son left with nothing after his late mother disinherited him and sold the family home she’d always promised him, has won his case in the Appeal Court. Professor Christopher Gosden brought a... Read full article
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