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Probate Disputes

Why keeping your Will up to date is so vital

Great – you’ve made a Will. You’re ahead of the 31 million UK adults who still haven’t got round to it. But did you know, it’s almost as important to regularly update any Will to make sure... Read full article

Inheritance disputes – Court of Appeal gives another late claim the go-ahead

The Court of Appeal has overturned a ruling which refused a widow permission to claim from her late husband’s estate because she had applied late. In what is considered a landmark decision, Lady... Read full article

Which parent died first? High Court asked to decide in inheritance dispute

The stepdaughters of an elderly couple found dead in their home are locked in a bitter High Court battle over who is to inherit their estate. The question of which parent died first is critical to... Read full article

Need to contest a DIY Will? You are not alone

The significant rise in inheritance disputes between family members has been further fuelled by the increasing number of people opting to make DIY Wills. The number of these sorts of disputes ending... Read full article

Disputed Will – Sisters say wealthier brother should inherit less than them

Just how complicated things can get when there is a breakdown in family communication has been highlighted by one of the latest inheritance disputes to reach the High Court. Sisters Jennifer Penny... Read full article

Farming family inheritance fallouts – disputes on the rise

An increasing number of people are ending up in court claiming a promise that they will one day inherit the family farm has been broken. The latest case involves dairy farmer’s son, Andrew Guest,... Read full article

Inheritance disputes – why bringing a late claim may still be worth considering

If you are unhappy with the provision made for you in a Will, it may still be well worth taking advice to see if you can bring a claim even if you have missed the strict legal deadline for doing so.... Read full article

Woman wins £325,000 from late partner’s estate after ‘sad dispute’ with his daughters

A woman misled into moving out of the home she’d shared with her partner by his two daughters after he died has won her claim for reasonable financial provision from his estate. Carole Taylor, 70,... Read full article

Why the growing complexity of modern families mean inheritance disputes are on the rise

Second marriages, blended families, children from more than one relationship – the complex structural nature of many modern families means it has never been more important to make a Will to avoid... Read full article

Inheritance disputes – why running out of time can be costly

The importance of taking legal action quickly if you are not happy with the provisions made for you in a Will has been dramatically highlighted by a recent High Court ruling. Farmer’s widow, Mary... Read full article

Woman left nothing in her partner’s Will awarded cottage to live in outright

A woman who had lived with her partner for 42 years but was left nothing when he died has been awarded a cottage and money to refurbish it and live on by a High Court judge. The decision, which could... Read full article

Not a ‘Pennymore’ for son who claimed he’d been promised his farmer father’s estate

Insisting someone promised you something before they died is not a good enough reason to have their Will overturned in your favour, a recent High Court case shows. Farmer’s son, Sam James, sued his... Read full article

More and more people are contesting a Will – Wards Solicitors explain the grounds for taking action

The number of people contesting a Will and falling out over inheritance has increased dramatically in recent years. Statistics show that the number of cases involving adult children disputing their... Read full article

Elderly man wins right to buy home he shared with deceased cohabitee from her estate

A recent probate appeal decision means an elderly man, who wants to carry on living in the house owned by his deceased cohabitee partner despite the heartfelt opposition of her daughter, will be... Read full article

Poisonous behaviour – how a Will was declared invalid using a rarely used and rarely successful challenge

Fraudulent calumny. It’s not a phrase many people have heard of and is in fact so rare that even lawyers have to dust off their old text books when it comes up in legal circles. But a recent court... Read full article

Daughters win court battle to prove their parents’ mutual Will was valid

When June and Bernard Clark decided to make a mutual Will with a legally binding promise never to change it, they probably hoped they were making things easy for their two children. Thirteen Wills... Read full article

Handwritten, smudged and confusing – but still a Will worthy of interpretation

The complex legal difficulties that can be caused by a homemade, handwritten Will have been graphically illustrated by a fascinating case recently detangled in the High Court. Friends, charities,... Read full article

Estranged daughter inherits even though father’s Will states she should receive nothing

When Stanley Nahajec made his Will, he couldn’t have expressed his wishes more clearly. “I have made no provision for either of my sons or daughter. I have not seen or heard from any of my... Read full article

Not working is your ‘lifestyle choice’ – Judge dismisses daughter’s claim on father’s estate

An unemployed woman left out of her father’s will was foiled in her bid to claim a £300,000 slice by a judge who said her decision not to work was a lifestyle choice. Danielle Ames had her... Read full article

Court of Protection: Frequently Asked Questions

The Court of Protection is a specialist court which was set up under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to help individuals who lack the capacity to be able to make decisions for... Read full article
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