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Woman left nothing in her partner’s Will awarded cottage to live in outright

A woman who had lived with her partner for 42 years but was left nothing when he died has been awarded a cottage and money to refurbish it and live on by a High Court judge. The decision, which could... Read full article

Unmarried woman wins legal fight over bereavement damages

A woman who was denied bereavement damages after her long term partner died has won a landmark legal battle to win fairer compensation for unmarried people who lose their partner. Jakki Smith from... Read full article

National awareness week to help cohabiting couples understand their legal rights

The drive to ensure that as many cohabitating couples as possible understand how limited their legal rights are compared to married couples is to continue with a special awareness week dedicated to... Read full article

Cohabiting couples – make sure it’s clear who owns what if you split, including investment property

Having property and land in an exotic location may seem like a faraway dream to most of us but a recent dispute involving a cohabiting couple who jointly owned several investment properties on a... Read full article

New survey shows many cohabiting couples still don’t understand their legal status

As pressure grows for greater legal protection for cohabiting couples, so does the evidence that many cohabitees still mistakenly believe they have the same rights as married couples. A recent survey... Read full article

Buying a property with family? Read the small print

It is now increasingly common for siblings and friends to buy a property together and a recent court case shows how important it is not only to take independent legal advice but to make sure you read... Read full article

Should civil partnerships be an option for cohabiting heterosexual couples?

The Government is coming under increasing pressure to look at the future of civil partnerships and consider whether they should now be an option for heterosexual as well as same sex couples. Despite... Read full article

Unmarried woman wins rights to her dead partner’s pension

The pension rights of millions of unmarried couples in the public sector have received a boost following a landmark ruling in the Supreme Court. It took Denise Brewster from Northern Ireland eight... Read full article

Making sure your divorce isn’t bad for business

Getting divorced is hard enough but when there is also a business involved, it can make the split even more difficult, complicated and painful. In England and Wales, businesses can be considered as... Read full article

Rise of cohabiting couples sparks new demand for legal change

Further calls are being made to change the law to protect cohabiting couples if they separate. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show there are now 3.3 million cohabiting... Read full article

Man loses house to co-habiting partner he refused to marry

The complexity of the law surrounding the rights – or lack of them – of cohabiting couples has again been highlighted in a court case which saw a mum of three awarded the profits from her... Read full article

Proposed legal changes for cohabitants – are they for me?

It may be a long time, if ever, before the Cohabitation Rights Bill currently making its slow and laborious passage through parliament actually becomes... Read full article

Is the law going to change to protect cohabiting couples?

It’s a fact of modern day life that more and more couples are living together before marriage with many choosing never to marry at... Read full article

Cohabitation and Joint Property Ownership

Cohabiting couples misunderstand how the law applies to them – specifically, all too often they believe that one gains ‘rights’ by virtue of the length of the... Read full article

Understanding Cohabitation Disputes

The large majority of us would consider that if you have lived together with your partner for many years you would have the same rights as any married... Read full article

Cohabitation and joint property ownership

The case of Jones v Kernott was decided last week by the Supreme Court, (formerly the House of Lords), and is a landmark case dealing with the rights of unmarried couples who have purchased property... Read full article

Your name on the deeds? Not always a guarantee of property rights…

Today, 9th November 2011 the Supreme Court has issued its long-awaited decision on property rights of unmarried partners. The case provides clarity on issues affecting jointly-owned property... Read full article

Cohabiting and buying property together… what do you need to know?

With the recession, it is perhaps not surprising that we are receiving reports of increasing numbers of cohabiting couples seeking relationship breakdown advice. Cohabiting couples frequently... Read full article
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