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Buying a Portishead property

The Portishead harbour area has undergone dramatic change over the past 10 years or so. This waterfront development, known as Port Marine, is centered on the harbour area which was developed from a traditional deep water dock to a modern marina.

Property in this area is usually subject to an 'estate rent charge' which is paid to Port Marine Management Limited.

What is this for?

It is for the future management of the old sea walls and Wildlife Refuge Area managed by this company which is a private company set up for this purpose and in which property owners have no interest.

How much is it?

Currently £60.78 per annum

Who is it paid to?

Liberta of Castlewood Tickenham Road Clevedon BS21 6F are the managing agents.

Portbury Ashlands Nature Reserve

The legal documents refer to the Wildlife Refuge area, which is now known as above.

Avon Wildlife Trust is a locally based membership dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural environment and encouraging people to learn about local wildlife: or T:0117 917 7270.

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