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Converting Civil Partnership to Same Sex Marriage

In England and Wales, since 10 December 2014, same sex couples who have registered as civil partners can convert their civil partnership to a marriage.

Couples can attend at any registry office in England and Wales to complete a declaration to convert the civil partnership to a marriage.  The registry office can advise on what documents and ID are needed. Couples can hold a ceremony at the register office or at a building approved for marriage.

The registry office charges a fee of £45 for the conversion process if the conversion appointment is after 9th December 2015.  No fee is payable if the conversion appointment is before 10th December 2015 and your civil partnership was formed before 29th March 2014.  There is also a £4 fee for the marriage certificate.

If a couple lives abroad but their civil partnership was registered in the UK it is possible for conversions to take place in some British Consulates.  The consulate will need permission from the country in which the couple reside.

You may wish to enter into an agreement before a civil partnership, marriage or conversion. Agreements are often called pre-nuptial agreements and can put in place how you would want to deal with your finances and property if the relationship breaks down.

For more information about pre-nuptial agreements contact one of our family team or take a look at our factsheet – What is a pre-nuptial agreement and should we make one?

For more information on the conversion process contact your local Registry office.

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