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Employers: Do your workers use display screen equipment?

Rules to protect the health and safety of employees who regularly use computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones at work are now in force.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Information) Regulations apply to employers whose workers use display screen equipment (DSE) for an hour or more at a time on a daily basis.

This covers not only those employees who use a fixed workstation but mobile workers, home workers and those who hot-desk.

What should employers do?

To comply with the rules, and to protect employees from the risks associated with DSE use, employers must first carry out a DSE workstation assessment.

This should look at how the workstation and surrounding environment are set up, for instance, to make sure that bad design is not causing pain in the upper body, wrists and hands as well as fatigue and eye strain.

An employer must also provide an eye test if an employee asks for one and provide training and information for all its workers.

  • The Health and Safety Executive has a useful DSE workstation checklist to make sure employers know what to do to meet the necessary requirements.

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