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Expert legal advice with extra care – why should I use a Lifetime Lawyer?

Expert legal advice with extra care – why should I use a Lifetime Lawyer?

Most of our Wills and Mental Capacity Lawyers are Accredited Lifetime Lawyers. We offer specialist legal advice, delivered with extra care.  Here’s some of the reasons why you should use a Lifetime Lawyer:

They know their stuff
Lifetime Lawyers have all undertaken additional specialist training to provide expert advice.  This means they can give the right legal guidance to people throughout their lifetime – including when they want to plan ahead for later life, when they’re at their most vulnerable and when circumstances are most complex. Their additional qualifications are independently accredited.

They have years of experience
Lifetime Lawyers have substantial experience built up over many years focusing on this area of law.  They’re experts in helping you prepare for critical points in life and will ensure your wishes are communicated in the right way when you die. They’ll be able to advise on your unique situation with tailored support and guidance.

They follow a strict code of conduct
Lifetime Lawyers follow a strict code of practice that has respect and dignity at its heart.

They speak in a language you understand
There can be a lot of jargon when it comes to the law. Lifetime Lawyers communicate in clear straightforward language to make sure you understand everything you’re signing.

They’re part of a community of experts
Lifetime Lawyers are part of a community of legal specialists undertaking ongoing training and sharing best practice so no matter how complex or sensitive your case, you will receive the best possible legal advice.

Your interests are safeguarded
Lifetime Lawyers are committed to providing affordable, high quality legal advice, and will ensure any decisions are your own. This provides important protection and reduces the chance of legal challenge in the future.

They understand the bigger picture
Lifetime Lawyers understand the wider, and often sensitive, issues around health, care and family that might affect your plans for later life.

They offer the best possible care and support
Lifetime Lawyers really care. They go above and beyond to provide support that is tailored to your needs and individual circumstances. They undertake lots of additional training which demonstrates their commitment to ensuring you get the very best expert advice.

The best possible outcome for you
Choosing a Lifetime Lawyer means choosing one of the most qualified legal professionals in the UK in this complex and sensitive area of law. You’ll be guided through with care, laying solid foundations to protect you and your loved ones in later life.

You can learn more about The Association of Lifetime Lawyers here:

Meet our Wills and Mental Capacity Team  ,one of largest teams in the region, who are vastly experienced and provide specialist legal advice.

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