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Did you know? Land registration

All land and property ownership in England and Wales is subject to a system of registration at the Land Registry. Land registration confers benefits and safeguards to property owners. In particular the registered title is guaranteed so that if an owners suffers loss as a result of an error in the title, compensation should be payable.

When you buy your new home your title to this will be registered at the Land Registry. If you have owned your home for many years and the title in not registered, you may apply to the Land Registry to register this voluntarily. Wards have a special service for this: ask any of our conveyancers for more information.

The title is held electronically, and so there are no deeds as such. The registers are public and the price you pay for the property is shown.

The title is divided into 3 parts

A: The Property Register: which gives the description of the land or property. It also sets out any matters from which the land or property benefits, such as rights of way. It also refers to a plan, known as a 'filed plan' or 'title plan'. This will show the extent of the land in the title edged in red. It is based on an OS map, and the boundaries shown are 'general' boundaries.

B: The Proprietorship register: which gives the registered owners of the property and their contact address. Up to 3 addresses may be provided by owners which can help with fraud prevention. It will also specify the quality of the title. 'Absolute title' is the usual quality which means that the title is fully guaranteed by the Land Registry.

C: The Charge Register: which sets out any matters to which the land or property is subject. These can be covenants- i.e binding obligations affecting the use of the land or property, and the owners mortgage, or other financial burdens.

Need more information?

For more information, or to instruct us to apply to the Land Registry for the registration of your title please speak to your usual Wards contact, or email Susan Ellis onsusan.ellis@wards.uk.com.

This guide is not intended to be definitive or to act as a substitute for legal advice.

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