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Need to know: Ending a tenancy

In the first of our 'need to know' disputes posts we look at the basics of ending a tenancy.

The term of the Tenancy Agreement will depend on the Tenancy Agreement you have entered into with your Tenant. If you wish to bring the Tenancy Agreement to an end, either at the expiry of the fixed term or afterwards, it is extremely important that the correct procedure is followed in order to ensure that it is possible to recover your property from the tenant in the event that they refuse to leave.

A Notice in the correct form must be served on your tenant and there are strict requirements as to the content of the Notice. We recommend that you take specialist legal advice before serving Notice on your tenants in order to avoid future difficulties.

In some circumstances, it is necessary to specify a date after which possession is required and getting this date wrong, even it allows the tenant an extra day in the property, can be fatal to obtaining an Order for Possession of the property should it be necessary.

Taking expert advice at an early stage therefore can ensure that the correct procedure is followed, to enable steps to be taken more smoothly to obtain possession of the property if difficulties arise.

To find out more about ending a tenancy you can talk to our Landlord & Tenant Disputes expert, Emma Kerry.

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