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Rehabilitation is key for accident victims

Injured people often benefit from remedial treatment, whether from an osteopath, chiropractor or physiotherapist.

Treatment that starts early and continues often helps an injured person's recovery to their pre-injured state and an earlier return to work.

However, not all accident victims can afford to pay for such treatment, especially if they are off work as a result of the accident.

Insurance companies and employers alike are increasingly seeing the benefits of such treatment.

If a claim is being made against an insurance company it is often possible to obtain an interim payment from them to fund this treatment.

The Rehabilitation Code 2007 has been devised as a result of an agreement reached between claimants' representatives and the insurance industry.

The Code encourages insurance companies to co-operate with accident victims and their solicitors and to devise a treatment plan and/or pay for any required treatment.

At Wards Solicitors, we encourage injured people to seek treatment as early as possible.

We can help claimants find appropriate methods of treatment and make their claims, so that they obtain compensation damages and, hopefully, secure a full return to pain-free living.

We would be happy to refer patients to you for treatment and, in return, hope that you might refer patients to us, so we could help them make a claim, where appropriate, and reclaim the cost of their treatment.

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