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When the Greater Manchester Police dismissed him, police trainer Alan Power claimed that they had discriminated against him because of his belief that psychics could help to solve criminal investigations. At an initial hearing, it was decided that spirituality could be seen as a faith and therefore amount to a religious belief, because it has "sufficient cogency, seriousness, cohesion and importance to fall into the category of a philosophical belief" for the purposes of the regulations.

At the final hearing, however, despite the Force citing his "current work in the psychic field" as a reason for the dismissal, Mr Power failed to convince the employment tribunal that he had been dismissed because of his psychic beliefs, rather than for other reasons raised. The tribunal found that, although the Claimant's belief was a philosophical belief, the Respondent's actions, on this occasion, were clearly not related to those beliefs but to the way in which he had previously conducted himself.

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