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Supporting Update Your Will Week 4th to 10th March

Supporting Update Your Will Week 4th to 10th March

At Wards, we are supporting the annual campaign by the Association of Lifetime Lawyers to encourage you to update your Will - or, if you don't have a Will at all, to put one in place.

Why is it important to update your Will?

Having an up-to-date and well-drafted Will is crucial when it comes to carrying out your wishes when you die.  It can include everything from how you want your funeral arranged to making sure your favourite charity is remembered and, crucially, helps avoid difficulties and confusion for your relatives and friends. You will not leave your loved ones worrying about your wishes, particularly at a time when they are grieving about losing you.

A properly drawn up Will also gives you the chance to take wealth preservation steps to structure your affairs, not only to minimise your liability for inheritance tax, but to maximise tax relief too.

And if you die without leaving a Will at all, your estate will be divided up strictly according to the rules of intestacy – without regard for your own plans and wishes.

You can die at any age, and it’s never too early to write your Will.

How often should I update my Will?

We recommend that you check through your Will every 5 years, and update it when your circumstances have changed. So if you have married, had a new child, divorced or there has been a death in the family it may be time to update your Will.

How do I make changes to my Will, or make a new one?

For any changes to your Will it is best to talk to an accredited legal professional.

Every circumstance is different, and Wards' Wills and Probate team can provide tailored advice to fit your specific needs.  You can find out more here

Commenting, head of Wards' Wills and Probate team Jenny Pierce says: “We all know how important this type of life admin is, but our research shows just how hard people find it to get started. It doesn’t need to take a long time to prepare or update your will, especially if you have an expert to guide you through the process. And it’s time well spent, reducing the burden on your loved ones after your death, and reducing the risk of disputes that can be costly in time and money to resolve.

“Many people think they’re too young to write a will, and understandably don’t like to think about the worst that could happen, but our members often have to deal with cases where a badly drafted or non-existent will has caused undue distress to those left behind.

“It’s best practice to review and update your will every five years or when a major change in your life occurs that impacts you or your loved ones, such as a marriage or civil partnership, divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, a new birth, a death in your family, or if you or one of your beneficiaries has obtained a Gender Recognition Certificate.”

The Association of Lifetime Lawyers represents a community of the most qualified legal professionals in the UK supporting vulnerable and older people with expert advice and support.

At Wards, we have 13 fully accredited members and 2 student members of the Association of Lifetime Lawyers (formerly SFE) in our Wills and Probate team.

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