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Time to talk – National Mediation Awareness Week

Trying to settle your differences to avoid an expensive day in court is worth the time, trouble and effort - that's the message being promoted during this week's National Mediation Awareness Week.

Every year, and in many cases avoidably, billions of pounds are spent on legal and other fees by the business, construction, workplace, community and family sectors.

Trained and qualified mediators, like Wards Solicitors' James Taylor, play an invaluable role in providing parties in dispute with a secure and structured process to deal with their problems methodically and with the key aim of reaching an amicable settlement.

They do not make decisions or judgements, instead they quickly and expertly help people in conflict reach their own agreement together. More and more judges are in favour of this highly effective process and in fact, some have even called for compulsory mediation in areas like neighbour disputes.


  • Time saving - even the simplest dispute can often take a year to reach a court decision whereas mediation is faster and less disruptive;
  • Sanity saving - mediation can take away the upset and trauma of conflict and minimise the toll on both professional and personal relationships;
  • Money saving - reaching an amicable settlement through mediation is much cheaper than pursuing a litigation route all the way to the court room.

Mediation Awareness Week runs from 8-14 October.

For more advice and information, see our legal guide: Understanding Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

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