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VIDEOS: Understanding probate disputes

Unfortunately, disputes involving estates after a death are on the increase and can make things complicated and sensitive. Whatever the nature of the dispute, however, the answer lies in resolving it quickly and cost-effectively. We are one of the few firms to have a dedicated team of specialists in resolving disputes concerning Wills, estates and family trusts.

To help you understand the process, Elizabeth Fry, Head of Disputes, has put together a number of short videos answering common questions. Whilst these aren't any substitute for a proper, face-to-face conversation, they might help you immediately.

Could you explain what you mean by a probate or trust dispute?

How could someone challenge the validity of a Will?

How can you go about saying a Will or Intestacy is not fair to you?

Who can bring an Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 claim?

What sort of considerations are needed to challenge successfully the validity of a Will?

What sort of evidence is needed to bring a successful Inheritance Act claim?

Could you give some practical examples where challenging the validity of a Will has been successful?

Could you give some practical examples of where Inheritance Act claims have been successful?

What sort of clients do you act for in these sorts of cases?

Can you outline the special considerations needed for dealing with children or those with learning difficulties or disabilities?

What sort of costs are involved in dealing with these sorts of claims?

What sort of funding arrangements are available?

Are there any special time limits for dealing with such claims?

Do you have any special qualifications to do this work?