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Will Aid 2010 – A great outcome

The 2010 Will Aid campaign has now drawn to a close. Shirley Marsland, Campaign Manager for Will Aid, reports that they have now received nearly £1 million in donations (£1.25 million including Gift Aid). With donations still to be received, Will Aid is hopeful that the final total could be as much as £1.5 million.

Shirley says "This is an amazing result and I would like to thank Wards staff who helped with the campaign, for your hard work to make this possible. We are delighted to have received £4,920.00 from your office (£22,815.00 from your firm) to date.

Can I take this opportunity to say how impressed I have been with the effort that you and the other participating firms have put into Will Aid 2010. In these challenging economic times it is particularly impressive that the legal profession is willing to give such tremendous support to a charity campaign.

You can really feel proud of what has been achieved. I know that the Will makers have appreciated the great service that you have provided. Many have commented on the fact that while they had once been nervous of visiting a solicitor, they now could not understand why they had put it off for so many years!"

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