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Experts say that buying or selling a home is one of the most stressful things you can do.

Just because you’re buying a new home doesn’t mean it’s any less stressful for you and that’s where we come in. We aim to make the process as painless as possible. We understand you need to be able to trust us to get on with the job quickly and effectively. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing a friendly personal service.

You may be a first-time buyer but if not you’ll need someone you can trust to handle the whole selling process for you as well. That means everything including submitting contract and title details to your buyer’s solicitor; answering any questions that they might come back with; exchanging contracts; doing the financial transfers to complete everything and; finally making sure that all the documents end up in the correct places.

We have many years experience of acting for developers in relation to their plot sales and also acting for purchasers of their new homes. We therefore have the required expertise to handle the whole process for you ensuring that the developer’s deadline of 28 days (or less) to exchange contracts is met. We will provide you with a full assessment of the contract documentation; the results of any searches carried out against the property; provide you with expert legal advice and recommendations where necessary; arrange for you to sign the contracts so that they can be exchanged; do the financial transfers to complete everything; register your new home at the Land Registry and make sure that all the documents end up in the correct places.

Our charges are based on a number of factors including the value of the property and the complexity of the matter. The first thing to do is to get in touch with us so we can discuss all the details. You can either do this on the phone, by email or in person.

Most developers require exchange of contracts to have taken place within 28 days.

"Geoff was a star. He helped me to keep my sanity and probably worked for less than the minimum wage over the course of the last eight months!!"

"Liz was fantastic - prompt, efficient & responded to queries extremely quickly. She needed no chasing whatsoever and I have recommended her to everyone."

“I want to thank Kelly for all her hard work. She has been awesome! I would have not made it through without Kelly's calm and positive approach and highly efficient way of working. I would definitely recommend Kelly.”

Important notice: please read

Cyber-crime is on the increase and solicitor transactions can be hijacked by scammers. This commonly takes the form of email or phone interception.  At the start of our working relationship we will provide you with terms of business that include our account details – these will never change.

Please be aware that we will never ask you to send money to a different bank account, particularly by email. If you receive a request for money from us please check that everything matches the details in our terms of business.

If you receive an email giving any other bank account please telephone us immediately without replying to the email or sending any money. We accept no responsibility if you transfer money to a bank account which is not ours.

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