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Howzat! Glory for Wards at Golden Hill Cricket Club – at long last!

Howzat! Glory for Wards at Golden Hill Cricket Club – at long last!

Whoever said  “it’s not about the winning” hasn’t played cricket for Wards for the last 25 years.

Happily, the clouds parted this year to allow the Wards/Christie & Co Challenge Cup to be contested under blue skies.

I managed to fool their skipper that we had a weakened side and if we batted first the game would be over before the bar was open. Falling for it he elected to bat first.

As our ex-Somerset “ringer” James took a wicket with his first ball, it rapidly became clear that they might actually have a weak side too… [We understand that an Appeal has been lodged].

Hastily rearranging the bowling order to give our keener and less experienced bowlers a go, Jyots took her first wicket, Amelia and Richard Darbinian (hereafter “Darby”) both bowled admirably, (Darby even landing the ball on the wicket), ably supported by Jack and Andrew.

The initial bonhomie soon ended in predictable acrimony though, as Dave (our wickie) and I got the joint Alex Carey prize for unsporting play; contriving to run out a 9 year old for being out of his ground. Boos could be heard ringing from The Golden Hill long room as I grappled with my conscience. Withdraw the appeal? No, he’s a 9 year old after all, he has to learn…

[We do understand an Appeal has been lodged]

The gloves were off.  Their tail wagged and as their proper batsmen entered the fray, carting the ball all over; a piece of dross from me disappearing over the pavilion for 6. They posted a challenging 117 to win at 6 an over.

Wolfing down the tasty interval tea we re-took the field.

Shout outs to Amelia for being brave enough to open the batting with Rich Clement, and shielding the rest of us from the assault. Honourable mentions to Tom Scoffham (for a blistering 32) and Angus (inspired in his Ben Stokes shirt), with a brutal 24. I just watched from the other end.

As Tom marched off (retired not out) I was delighted to see I was being joined at the wicket by Darby for his debut. A few moments later a bewildered Darby dwelt upon his debut duck: “they bowled the ball straight at my stumps…” an incredulous Darby was quoted as saying. [An appeal has been lodged].

When I finally got to play a meaningful part – 4 needed off the last 5 – I smashed it straight at their bowler who gleefully took the catch. Fortunately for us, letting a proper batsman in in James B, to crack the required 4 to the boundary to win…

The Western Terrace erupted…

As a typically magnanimous Rob Kinsman handed over the trophy, saying all the right things in defeat, I simply snatched it and told him he wasn’t seeing this again. Through gritted teeth we smiled for the cameras: “We’ll be back…” he assured me. [NB: An Appeal has been lodged].

Cricket was the winner…

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