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Wards Solicitors is Lexcel Accredited for another year

Local legal specialists, Wards Solicitors is proud to have been awarded the prestigious Lexcel Accreditation again by the Law Society, following a recent independent assessment. Wards Solicitors has held Lexcel Accreditation since the early days of the scheme's existance. The firm was the first firm to be awarded the mark in South Gloucestershire, in 2002.

The Lexcel Accreditation is a mark of quality awarded by the Law Society to law firms who demonstrate and maintain the highest levels of management and customer care standards.

Wards Solicitors is reassessed, every year, across all business functions and offices. This ensures the firm continues to meet required standards of excellence in areas such as client care, case management and risk management.

How does the Lexcel Accreditation benefit our clients?

Lexcel Accreditation is a way of demonstrating that we have passed independent assessments made by Lexcel to ensure that the way we manage files, client care and business process is up to the highest standards. This is set out by the Law Society and provides a national benchmark for excellence. When you see the Lexcel mark you know that you can expect, amongst other things, regular and accurate cost estimates, a timely response to your enquiry, information on how charges are calculated, an opportunity to comment and provide feedback, as well as a safe and secure financial, IT and file management infrastructure within the firm.

For more information about Lexcel, please visit the Law Society website.

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