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Wards Solicitors ‘rings the changes’

Wards Solicitors has again shown their commitment to a 'one firm' ethos with a bespoke upgrade to their telephone system.

With a network of offices in 10 locations across South Gloucestershire, Bristol City Centre and North Somerset, clients have the opportunity to visit their local, family solicitor at an office close to them. With this new telephone system, the firm has introduced technology that brings these branches together to function as one firm, allowing calls to be put through directly to individuals, rather than passing clients from switchboard to switchboard. This works along side specialist case-management software in service areas such as conveyancing to further cement the firm's commitment to providing a 'local' service at a 'regional' level.

Susan Ellis, Head of Residential Conveyancing, commented: "The change is a fantastic improvement, delivering instant benefits to us on a day-to-day level and improving our ability to provide the best service to clients. We've always felt, internally, as if the whole firm was in one building, but now we have the 'bells and whistles' to support it. We can not only access any person in the firm, directly, without having to go through the switchboards but also see whose line is free and whether people are at their desks. It allows us to be a lot more responsive, when clients need our help."

She went on: "Only yesterday I was able to refer a client to one of our disputes specialists on a matter requiring an urgent response. I was able to identify which team member was free and place the call myself - it was brilliant and we had a very happy client."

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