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Wards Solicitors sign up to national Schools Law Web

Wards Solicitorsare at the forefront of the Schools Law Web, a nationwide initiative which introduces school pupils to the legal system and those who work within it.

The firm's Nailsea office signed up soon after the Schools Law Web was established in England and are pleased to have nominated Nailsea Secondary School, Golden Valley Primary and St Francis Catholic Primary, all in Nailsea.

Speaking on behalf of Wards, Mandy McCabe, a Partner based in the firm's Nailsea office, confirmed they are happy to lend support because the project not only helps pupils understand the vital role law plays in our society but also reminds young people that laws bring responsibilities as well as rights.Moreover, it introduces pupils to legal concepts and terms they will encounter later in life.

The Schools Law Web helps busy teachers by supplying weekly classroom materials. These are ready-to-go and use current news stories to introduce important matters of law along with many other aspects of citizenship.

The initiative is very popular with both lawyers and teachers, and has consequently attracted the participation of many law firms and schools across the UK.

The Director of the Schools Law Web, Patrick Gaffney, thanked Mandy McCabe and her colleagues saying, "We can only make a difference in schools if we gain the support of the wider community. I am extremely grateful to Wards Solicitors for coming on board."

"Indeed, I am pleased to say the support from law firms throughout the country has been remarkable. They are clearly keen to increase the understanding of young people. Around 150,000 pupils have now been catered for and the legal profession deserves great credit for this."

Speaking on behalf of the school, Dilly Taylor, Head of House and a PSHCE teacher said, "We were delighted to learn of the Wards nomination and are extremely grateful for their support."

"We have already used the project materials and find them invaluable not just for their up-to-date content but their high quality presentation. The Schools Law Web is a first class initiative which we are delighted to be part of."

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