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Local, Bristol Probate Solicitor Wins National Award

Jenny Pierce, of Wards Solicitors, was awarded the title of Best Woman Solicitor Managing a Probate Practice at the Association of Women Solicitors Annual awards in London. The awards seek to recognise some of the many outstanding women solicitors providing legal services across the UK, in order to reward those who are, or will be, the role models for future women solicitors.

Jenny will now be included in the nominations for the Association of Women Solicitors/The Law Society Legal Business Woman of the Year Award 2010, to be presented at The Law Society Excellence Awards in October.

Since joining the firm in 1999, Bristol-based Jenny, has been instrumental in growing one of the leading Wills, Wealth, Mental Capacity & Probate teams in the region. When asked about her philosophy for team management success, Jenny said:

"I try to create an atmosphere that is fun. This might sound odd as, by definition, the Wills and Probate Team meet their clients at what is usually a very sad time in their lives. I feel it is important to create a good sense of balance within the team and try to instill the ability, both in fee earners and support staff, to be able to step in and step out of a situation, and leave it at work. By making sure I am always available and by demonstrating my professional respect for and trust in them, I hope that I have created a team culture that promotes the very best service for clients and working environment for all staff."

Jenny's application was supported by Shirley Marsland from national charity, Will Aid, who said:

"Jenny has been unfailingly helpful and efficient in her dealings with Will Aid and has been a great spokesperson for the scheme in promoting it to other solicitors. I feel that Jenny is a great credit to the profession and her efforts have not only made a big contribution to the work of the Will Aid charities but have also served to break down barriers between the legal profession and the general public. Will Aid has undertaken several pieces of research to identity people's attitude to will making and one of the main barriers is fear of seeing a solicitor - feeling that they will be unapproachable and expensive. By mobilising Wards so effectively to take part in Will Aid, Jenny has done much to break down these barriers in the Bristol area. This is something which will be of benefit to the whole profession and demonstrates Jenny's imaginative approach to promoting Wills and Probate work."

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