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Wards Solicitors supporting Weston Hospicecare’s Write a Will Week

Wards Solicitors supporting Weston Hospicecare’s Write a Will Week

You never know when something will change your life - getting married, having children, becoming grandparents, moving house, separation or divorce. As you will know, by now, here at Wards Solicitors, we're pretty vocal about the importance of writing (and updating) a will. That's why we have taken part in yet another Write a Will Week with Weston Hospicecare.

During the week solicitors in our Weston, Worle and Clevedon offices gave their time, free of charge, to write basic wills in exchange for a suggested minimum donation to Weston Hospicecare of £95 for a single will and £175 for a pair of mirror wills.

With all donations now accounted for, we are thrilled to be able to report that Wards Solicitors helped to raise £13,243 - enough to run the Day Hospice for just over three weeks.

Sally Davis, Trusts, Grants & Legacies officer said: "We recognise that Write a Will Week is a massive amount of work and everyone is very grateful for the support given. This year's donation is just ahead of last year's total of £13,162 and a fantastic result."

Across the three participating Wards Solicitors' offices we had 78 appointments during the week and enabled 114 people to make their wills.

About Weston Hospicecare

Founded by the community in 1989, Weston Hospicecare provides physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual care to the 1 in 100 local people with life-limiting illnesses such as cancer, motor neurone disease and heart or lung failure. The Hospice's care reaches out to local people in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset and border areas of Somerset providing a safe haven and source of comfort and guidance to every single person who needs it.

The Hospice consists of a day hospice, a ten bed In-patient Unit, a team of Hospice Community Nurse Specialists, Hospice at home, chaplaincy and bereavement services. These services work in harmony to ensure patients receive excellent specialist care, be that at home or in the Hospice, and that they and their families are cared for and reassured throughout the toughest experience they will ever face.

All of this is provided free of charge and it costs nearly £3 million every year to keep the Hospice doors open, of which only 19% is funded by the NHS. The rest is raised each year through the generosity of the local community, fundraising events, partnerships with local companies, the hospice lottery.

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