Richard Darbinian

Richard Darbinian

Associate Solicitor

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Richard Darbinian

Associate Solicitor

Richard specialises in complex commercial contract disputes striving for practical, business-focussed solutions whether that means going  through formal Court proceedings or employing alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation or arbitration.

He is an experienced commercial negotiator and litigator, and has a background in dealing with complex contractual disputes including breach of contract, business interruption claims, mistakes in contracts, exclusion clauses and partnership agreement disputes.

Whilst relying on his commercial approach to disputes and providing strategic advice to his clients from the beginning of each case, Richard has dealt with numerous of tortious claims such as negligence and helped his clients resolve their disputes with the other side efficiently.

"Richard dealt with my case very effectively, in a friendly and professional manner, and I was always treated with respect. I will definitely use Wards again."

He also has experience resolving disputes between landlords and tenants as well as property disputes, easement claims, professional negligence, partnership and shareholder and director disputes.

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Examples of his work include:

Contractual disputes

  • Successfully defending claims brought by leading electricity providers for breach of contract;
  • Settling disputes relating to the directors’ duties and pursuing damages for breach of shareholders’ agreement;
  • Successfully pursuing contractual claims for breach of GDPR and intellectual property rights;
  • Advising a client on a business interruption claim against a leading insurance providers;
  • Advising clients on breach of contract, negligent misstatement and restitution claims against FTSE 100 companies; and
  • Successfully defending a contractual claim concerning contractual and statutory interest rates for a substantial sum and negotiating a settlement.

Landlord and tenant disputes

  • Successfully settling a forfeiture claim on the basis of inadequate service, miscalculation of service charges and rent demands;
  • Successfully representing clients relating to property possession claims against their tenants;
  • Helping clients obtain possession of their property by using the section 21 notice procedure, an accelerated possession order, permission to transfer the County Court Judgment to the High Court and instructing High Court Enforcement Officers to remove the tenants from the property;
  • Successfully pursuing dilapidations claims against tenants on behalf of commercial landlords;
  • Advising commercial landlords on easements and successfully pursuing claims against tenants for trespass;
  • Advising on frustration of commercial leases and forfeiture; and
  • Successfully opposing the renewal of commercial leases and settling matters out of court by entering into settlement agreements.

Company disputes

Advising on the following:

  • Compulsory winding up petitions;
  • Creditors’ voluntary liquidations and the right to object to the appointment of particular liquidators;
  • Fiduciary duties and breach of those duties;
  • Loan agreements and debentures;
  • Freezing injunction;
  • The implication of articles of association and rights arising from them.

Richard says, “I always try to resolve any dispute without going to court, including attending mediation, and I work closely with colleagues in other departments to provide a tailored service to each client. My proactive and diligent approach, combined with analytical thinking, helps achieve early settlement in dispute cases enabling them to be resolved effectively and efficiently.”

Qualifications and Experience

Richard speaks Russian and Lithuanian and has experience in resolving international disputes.

Supervised by Elizabeth Fry