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Dispute Resolution

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try in life, disagreements and disputes are simply unavoidable.

By the time you begin to think you should perhaps seek legal advice, the stress levels are rising as you wonder if you even have a case, which area of the law it comes under and what kind of legal specialist you actually need.

Whatever your circumstances, whatever the nature of the dispute you’re involved in, here at Wards Solicitors we have someone who can help, wherever you live in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset regions.

From cohabitation to employment, building work to probate issues – we will put you in touch with one of our highly knowledgeable, specialist legal professionals with the expertise to look at your case and tell you, quickly and in plain English, what you need to do.

Discussing your problem with our relevant legal specialist will not only ease anxiety but give you a plan of action to solve your dispute, whether that’s through mediation, alternative dispute resolution or, as a last resort, going to court.

We can help with most disputes including those relating to:

"Elizabeth was very, very good in dealing with my case and I could not have been better informed. Promptly responded to. Great service all round."

"Its been refreshing to deal with somebody as professional and efficient as yourself, especially your prompt communication throughout. These seem to be rare attributes these days."

"James dealt with matters very efficiently and empathetically and always answered telephone calls and queries the same day - excellent communication from him."

"Emma Kerry has been excellent in her communication both with myself and the opposing solicitor. I would thoroughly recommend her."

We will try to resolve your dispute by obtaining compensation or other remedies to put right what you have suffered. If you are opposing a claim made against you, we will defend the claim and attempt to negotiate the best settlement possible.

Although you may have to issue Court proceedings, we always try to settle cases as far as possible so that you do not get to trial where you would have to give evidence. Some cases may be appropriate for a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution and we can advise on this right at the start. Whatever the details of your case we will discuss them with you first, advise and agree on a course of action with you.

Litigation can be expensive. We’ll discuss all the options at our first meeting to make sure that you are aware of the likely costs before we go anywhere. Ways of funding might include no-win-nofee arrangements, legal expenses insurance (which you may already have in your home or motor policy) or paying privately. If the financial value of the dispute is less than £10,000, however, it might not make the most sense for you to pursue a claim as your legal costs couldn’t be reclaimed from the other side.

Cases with a value of up to £10,000.00 normally take between three to six months. Cases with a value of between £10,000.00 and £25,000.00 can take between a year to eighteen months to settle. Cases with a value above £25,000.00 can take longer depending on the complexity of the case.

Wherever possible we work to try to resolve your case as quickly as possible and we often use a formal mediation process to help us do this. This is actively encouraged by the Court. In addition James Taylor is an accredited mediator. He is available to provide an independent mediator service for parties who wish to instruct him.

Before you do anything about your dispute, we suggest that you contact us to arrange a chat about your case. We can then advise you on all the potential costs and help you decide how best to deal with your problem.