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Goldbrick House was last week was the scene for a unique first, when Bristol's leading independent estate agents gathered together in its cocktail bar. 'What do you call a room full of estate agents..', may seem like the start of a gag, but this highly convivial but remarkable soirée was to mark the official launch of Bristol's newest publication, Bristol Property Live and its website.

Setting aside local rivalries. Bristol's independent estate agents have worked together to produce this new weekly property guide. Anna Maggs of Maggs & Allen, well known locally for her skills as an auctioneer and one of the driving forces behind the new publication, gave an inspiring address to the gathering, but admitted later she found a room full of her peers considerably more daunting than a packed auction house ! She reported that the new publication has already increased its reach and is set to go from strength to strength, with ambitious plans also for further web improvements.

Also present, Wards solicitor, Susan Ellis, head of their residential property team, who commented: "The new independent weekly guide to the Bristol property scene, is now a 'must have' for any potential buyers, renters, or property professionals".

Wards solicitors, Bridget Juckes and Joanne Turner were involved in the structuring of the project and the contractual paperwork governing the relationship between the individual agencies, as well as the new company, and the paper's publishers. Bridget Juckes, Head of Business Services, said: "We were very excited when Anna and her colleagues first approached us with their idea for Bristol Property Live. It was such an interesting new idea and posed some interesting questions for us as to how best to structure a company to represent the interests of a large number of parties who are naturally in competition with each other. Ultimately, however, it seems that all the local agents involved are enthusiastic about the venture and happy to set aside some of the good-natured rivalry which exists for the benefit of all."

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