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Comment on regulation in the hairdressing industry

Did anyone see Inside Out West last Monday? They did a great feature on the lack of regulation in the hairdressing industry. You can watch it again on the BBC iPlayer.

I think the general public were astounded to hear that anyone can set themselves up as a hairdresser, with no qualifications whatsoever.

I helped the journalist who produced the feature by sharing my experiences, acting on behalf of several women who have suffered horrible chemical burns &/or hair loss at the hands of hairdressers who, perhaps, should have known better.

Co-incidentally, the day after the programme I interviewed a new client who is off work with a debilitating allergic reaction to a perm. The poor thing - her face is horribly swollen and inflamed, and she is currently on her third course of steroids.

As the saying goes, our hair is our crowning glory, and it's unsurprising, therefore, that these claims are worth a considerable amount of money.

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