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Did you have a cycling accident in lockdown? You’re not alone

Did you have a cycling accident in lockdown? You’re not alone

The popularity of cycling soared during the pandemic - with, sadly, an increase in accidents and injuries on the road as a result.

In fact, reports show that by the end of April 2020, just over a month after the first UK lockdown began, 15 cyclists were killed on the roads - more than double the usual number for the time of year.

Although it's too early to say whether the increase in the number of fatalities reported is a statistical blip or a definite trend, there is no doubt that the number of overall cycling accidents this year will also almost certainly be up.

What could be behind the apparent increase in cycling accidents?

There are a number of likely contributing factors which caused bike sales to soar and more people to take to the roads. These include:

  • The government designating cycling as a legally permissible form of lockdown exercise;
  • Bike shops being allowed to stay open so cyclists could access repairs, maintenance and equipment;
  • An increase in free bike hire schemes for key workers;
  • The government's decision to improve the nation's cycling infrastructure and encourage cycling as a mode of transport.

What causes most cycling accidents?

There are many different causes of cycling accidents but among the most common are:

  • Road traffic collisions;
  • Highway defects like potholes;
  • Animals;
  • Car door collisions - Bristol has one of the worst records for this type of accident outside London with 121 cyclists injured, 16 seriously, in the last seven years. Click here to read what we've written about this.

How We Can Help You With A Bicycle Accident Claim

If you have been involved in a cycling accident, please contact Wards Solicitors' Accident and Injury team, ranked in the 2021 edition of the independent Legal 500 guide.

We will work with you to fully understand your situation and the details of your accident so we can provide you with tailored advice and support that means you have the best chance of making a successful claim for compensation.

Partner Helen Boyd, a recommended Legal 500 lawyer, is highly experienced in this area of the law and is noted as 'vastly experienced and a first-rate lawyer'.

She has specialised in Accident and Injury law since qualifying in 1992 and has been a member of the Law Society's Personal Injury Panel since 2008.

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