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I bequeath my iTunes credits to…

It may seem far-fetched to consider leaving access to an online poker and bingo account, or iTunes credits, to a relative in your Will. But as more of us amass digital assets, it opens considerations for us as to how we write our Wills.

With more photos, books and music being stored online and in digital format, the question of what happens to these when people die is important. Similarly, subscriptions to online magazines need to be managed after death to ensure that assets are not lost and relatives are not left with hefty bills.

According to recent surveys, Britons are storing £2.3bn worth of music, film, applications and subscriptions online. As we already discussed in our article Including your online life in your Will it's important to consider including details of usernames and passwords, as well as instructions on how to wind things up and manage online profiles.

In a changing world with more and more people considering their online assets to represent areas of substantial value, these new elements need careful, professional consideration, when preparing for the future.

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