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My property is not registered at HM Land Registry. Should I be concerned?

Did you know that:

  • 30% of Land in England and Wales is unregistered*…
  • even if your title is currently unregistered you can apply to the HM Land Registry for it to be done

What is registration?

All land and property ownership in England and Wales is subject to a system of registration at HM Land Registry. Land registration confers benefits and safeguards to property owners and you may take advantage of these by applying voluntarily to have your title registered.

Currently you need to keep your deeds safely and have to use these to ‘prove’ your title. Each individual document is important. If the deeds are lost or are incomplete in any way then this can cause difficulties, delays and expense. Registration simplifies this for you, and provides you with certainty and security.

Why register?

If you register your title:

  • The extent of your property will be shown on a HM Land Registry filed plan
  • HM Land Registry guarantees your title
  • HM Land Registry hold your title electronically which means that there are no deeds which can be lost
  • You will receive a copy of your title from HM Land Registry and copies can be obtained by your legal representatives electronically on your behalf when required
  • Your interest in and title to the property is protected by being part of a public register
  • You will have security and certainty as to what you own
  • It will simplify any subsequent transactions whether in your lifetime or by your executors and beneficiaries in the event of your death

HM Land Registry offers a 25% discount on their usual fees, for a voluntary registration based on the value of your property as follows**:

Value £ Fee £
0-50,000 30
50,001-80,000 50
80,001-100,000 90
100,001-200,000 140
200,001-500,000 200
500,001-1mil 400
1 mil + 680

Need more information ?

For more information, or to instruct us to apply to HM Land Registry for the registration of your title please speak to your usual Wards Solicitors contact, or email

*Land Registry website

** Correct at 14.2.18

This guide is not intended to be definitive or to act as a substitute for legal advice.