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Resolving co-parenting issues during Covid-19

Resolving co-parenting issues during Covid-19

Co-parenting is often a complex and emotional process, and coronavirus has only added to the pressures that many families face.

Wards Solicitors' specialist team of family lawyers understand the different challenges faced by separated parents, particularly in these unprecedented times, and are experienced in resolving disputes and ensuring child focused decisions are made.


Recently, many family lawyers have seen an increase in inquiries from separated parents including:

  • Where and with whom children should stay during the crisis;
  • What to do if they disagree on schooling arrangements;
  • How to resolve contact issues;
  • Whether a court order can be varied if both parents agree to it.

Resolving conflict

When separated parents disagree on what is in their child's best interests during the Covid-19 crisis - for example, whether it is safe for a Year Six child to return to school or not - a deadlock situation can swiftly occur.

When both parents have parental responsibility, and cannot agree, it can seem like going to court is the only way to decide the issue.

However, Wards Solicitors' family lawyers can help get conversations between parents flowing again and advise on non-court processes.

As trained collaborative lawyers, we can discuss with parents whether collaboration is the best way forward, give advice on the mediation process and make referrals to mediation.

If a court application is the only option, we can help parents navigate their way through the family justice system to obtain the order they want.

Further information

Wards Solicitors has a highly experienced team of family and divorce law specialist solicitors ready to help, based across our 11 local offices.

To get in touch or to book an initial meeting, please click here to see the members of our Family Law & Divorce team or go to our main Family Law & Divorce information page here.

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