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VIDEOS: Debt Recovery

We all accept that cash-flow can make or break a business. We also all encounter slow payers, non-payers or disputed debts from time to time. Knowing what to do about them, however, can require some expert advice.

To help you understand the process, James Taylor, Disputes specialist, has put together a number of short videos answering common questions. Whilst these aren't any substitute for a proper, face-to-face conversation, they might help you immediately.

How do I go about chasing an unpaid bill? Is there anything I'm expected to do before issuing a court claim?

What ways do you use to force payment of unpaid bills?

When might you recommend a Statutory Demand and what does this actually mean?

Can I recover any of my costs from the Defendant?

What can you do to enforce payment if you get a judgment? When can I send in the bailiffs?

What does the law say about late payers and the cost and hassle they put British business to?

What checks do you recommend making before embarking on court proceedings?

Can I do this myself? What are the advantages of asking Wards Solicitors to help?

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