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Buying a property in Portishead – pipeline conveyancing issues

On a sale recently the buyer's searches threw up an unexpected issue: an oil pipeline. This was particularly unexpected, as it had not come up on searches when the property was purchased.

I am aware of the pipeline issues in Portishead, not least as I have spent time in the past researching them, so as to be able to advise my clients. However, this was not one I had previously come across. In the end this issue was resolved as it was disused. The local authority is amending their records so it will not be an issue in the future. It did however cause unwelcome delays, and anxiety.

The Portishead pipeline issues are not widely appreciated by conveyancers without the benefit of local knowledge. That is both in terms of the location of this, and legal implications.

The pipeline passes from the old storage tanks at Redcliffe Bay, and then lead away from the coast, over the hill and down though part of the residential areas of Portishead.

Specialist consents are required for development within three metres of the pipeline. This applies to developers, but of course also to private home owners, who may be unaware of the pipeline or the requirement. This could have serious implications both practical and legal. The fact of the pipeline may deter a buyer, or a sale may be stalled if the property had been extended without the required statutory consents. It goes without saying that damaging a high octane pipeline could have catastrophic results.

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Chris is an Associate Solicitor with Wards Solicitors specialising in residential conveyancing in the Portishead office. Chris was brought up and educated in Portishead and has worked for Wards Solicitors for the past 17 years.