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What’s in your pipeline?

Portishead is known for a number of things including an old power station site (now the Port Marine Development), the dock (which is now the marina), as well as a radio station which used to serve most of the northern hemisphere's shipping needs (now a residential development).

One thing it is not well known for is the old storage tanks situated out at Redcliff Bay, together with the pipelines that lead from them away from the coast, over the hill and then down through parts of Portishead's residential area. Developers are aware of them because they know they mustn't build within 3 metres of them without getting specific consents from the Secretary of State under Section 16 (1) of the Land Powers (Defence) Act (1958). Private home owners however who live near these pipelines are often not aware of them or of this statutory provision. Searches can be made to ascertain the location of the pipelines and for properties within the vicinity of them. These should be carried out before buying, particularly if any development is planned.

Further, such searches would be appropriate before extending any properties near to such pipelines. The consent is not just a legal requirement but has very practical implications. Damaging a high octane pipeline could have catastrophic results. Do you know if your property is affected?

Having practiced in Portishead as a Solicitor now since 1998 and lived near the storage tanks as a child, I have acquired a considerable amount of data and information about these pipelines and their routes which I have found to be invaluable in dealing with property transactions in the Portishead area. In the past I have been contacted by non local solicitors with questions about the pipeline and have been glad to be able to assist. Local knowledge can be important when dealing with properties.

For more information please contact Chris Perkins on 01275 858515 or email chris.perkins@wards.uk.com

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