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‘The house is yours’ – High Court judge rules that an email agreement between cohabitees is binding

The importance of getting the paperwork right when it comes to jointly owning a property as cohabitees has been spelled out by another costly court battle. In this case, a cohabiting couple – Jayne... Read full article

Cohabiting couples in 2022 – why you still need to protect your legal position?

When it comes to the law, life is still an unfair struggle for cohabiting couples. The long-awaited Cohabitation Rights Bill, which promises to finally bring the rights of 3.6 million unmarried... Read full article

Is a cohabitation agreement legally binding?

The number of people living together, or cohabiting, has soared during recent lockdowns with many deciding to move in together sooner than planned. In these circumstances, a cohabitation agreement is... Read full article

Living together or planning to? Here’s why you need a cohabitation agreement

You’re in love, you’re buying a property, you’re not married – do you really need a cohabitation agreement? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ – and here are the reasons why. What legal... Read full article

We are unmarried but our relationship has broken down…..what are my next steps?

During these difficult times, relationships are under even more pressure than usual.  We often see a rise in enquiries following the Christmas period when families have spent a great deal of time... Read full article

How this costly dispute underlines the importance of a cohabitation agreement

An unmarried couple who failed to set out in writing how the family home was to be divided if they split, have had their fate decided by a county court judge. Kim Springall argued that the £1.5... Read full article

Number of cohabiting couples overtakes married couples

As Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds become the first unmarried couple to live together in 10 Downing Street, new research conveniently shows that cohabiting couples are now the UK’s... Read full article

Cohabitee wins right to late partner’s military pension

A woman refused her late partner’s military pension because she was still technically married to her estranged husband has won a landmark victory for cohabiting couples in the Court of Appeal.... Read full article

Yet another survey shows common law marriage myth still exists

The urgent need to raise awareness of the fact that partners who live together do not have the same legal protection as married couples has been highlighted by a new survey. Almost half of people in... Read full article

Cohabiting siblings – is a change in the law in sight?

Mixed-sex couples are now to be allowed the option of a civil partnership – so why not siblings who own and share a home? Conservative MP Sir Edward Leigh said recently: “Why should siblings... Read full article

Cohabitee wins reasonable financial provision claim from deceased partner’s estate

A disabled man left just £5,000 in his cohabiting partner’s Will after a 20 year relationship and faced with having to move out of the home they shared, had not had reasonable financial provision... Read full article

Landmark court case could help tens of thousands of cohabiting parents

An unmarried woman of four children who was refused widowed parent’s allowance after her partner of 23 years died, has won a court battle that could lead to a change in the law for cohabiting... Read full article

Landmark civil partnership ruling sparks call to change law for cohabiting couples

As news breaks that an opposite-sex couple have won their legal battle to have a civil partnership instead of a marriage, calls have been renewed for the law to be urgently reformed in relation to... Read full article

Cohabiting couples – make sure it’s clear who owns what if you split, including investment property

Having property and land in an exotic location may seem like a faraway dream to most of us but a recent dispute involving a cohabiting couple who jointly owned several investment properties on a... Read full article

New survey shows many cohabiting couples still don’t understand their legal status

As pressure grows for greater legal protection for cohabiting couples, so does the evidence that many cohabitees still mistakenly believe they have the same rights as married couples. A recent survey... Read full article

Buying a property with family? Read the small print

It is now increasingly common for siblings and friends to buy a property together and a recent court case shows how important it is not only to take independent legal advice but to make sure you read... Read full article

Should civil partnerships be an option for cohabiting heterosexual couples?

The Government is coming under increasing pressure to look at the future of civil partnerships and consider whether they should now be an option for heterosexual as well as same sex couples. Despite... Read full article

Rise of cohabiting couples sparks new demand for legal change

Further calls are being made to change the law to protect cohabiting couples if they separate. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show there are now 3.3 million cohabiting... Read full article

Man loses house to co-habiting partner he refused to marry

The complexity of the law surrounding the rights – or lack of them – of cohabiting couples has again been highlighted in a court case which saw a mum of three awarded the profits from her... Read full article

Proposed legal changes for cohabitants – are they for me?

It may be a long time, if ever, before the Cohabitation Rights Bill currently making its slow and laborious passage through parliament actually becomes... Read full article
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