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Why use Wards Solicitors for Accident and Injury services?

No two accidents are ever the same. No two people are ever the same. No two injuries are ever the same.

We will treat you, your accident and your injury as unique. We will tailor our service around your accident and your needs. We are completely independent from claims management and/or insurance companies.

What you should know about the other methods of bringing a claim

There are many methods by which you can bring a claim for compensation but, before you use a method other than instructing a solicitor, such as one from Wards Solicitors, direct, you should be aware of the following:-

  • Insurance companies may try to contact you direct in order to persuade you to settle for a lower amount than is reasonable. This often happens in road traffic cases, where you are contacted by the other driver’s insurance company. You should always seek independent legal advice before agreeing to any settlement.
  • You may see adverts, on TV and in papers, for claims management companies – these companies will take details of your accident and are, very rarely, solicitors. These companies pass details of you and your claim to firms of solicitors on their panels who may not, necessarily, be in your local area. You may not be able to meet them to discuss your claim. The referral may be linked to an insurance policy which you may not need or which may not be competitive.
  • If you have legal expenses insurance attached to your car or home insurance, the insurance company may try to insist that you use one of their panel’s law firms. You do however have the freedom to chose your own solicitor and do not have to use their specified firm.

"Alison was very helpful, efficient and professional. The advice she gave was excellent and she didn't give up hope of a resolution. I would definitely recommend her."

"Helen understood my issue from the start. Her professionalism & understanding helped me through a very difficult time. I will recommend Wards going forward."

"Richard Green has been excellent. We were always kept in the picture and his professionalism shone through. Would always recommend Wards."

Our Accident Claims team consists of four solicitors

  • We can provide independent legal advice about your accident claim – we are not tied to any insurance company, nor are we on any insurance company referral panel. We are therefore completely free to act in your best interests.
  • We will discuss various funding options for pursuing an accident claim and these include conditional fee agreements.
  • We are based in offices throughout the Wards Solicitors’ geographic region – see team members’ details for which solicitor is based in the office nearest to you.
  • We view your recovery as important as obtaining compensation. We will therefore discuss, with you, various treatment options and, if appropriate, will put you in touch with treatment providers in order to assist in your complete recovery.
  • We have all been qualified as solicitors for at least 15 years.
  • We have all specialised in injury claim work for at least 10 years and have a wide range of experience in pursuing compensation claims for injuries arising as a result of road accidents, accidents at work, slipping/tripping claims and others.
  • We are all members of the specialist Law Society Approved Personal Injury Panel.
  • We are all accredited litigators of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

Please click here for more information on Personal Injury.

Complete our Personal Injury Fact Finder Form: This form will take about 15 minutes to complete but will give us all the information we need to assess the best way to proceed – then we’ll get in touch.

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