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Building Dispute Solicitors

When something goes wrong on a building project – issues including the quality of work, over running agreed timescales or the interpretation of contracts – sorting things out quickly is in everyone’s best interests.

This is where Wards Solicitors’ highly experienced and specialist building dispute resolution lawyers come in, providing fast, timely and cost-effective advice aimed at resolving the dispute without having to go to court if at all possible.

Part of this is the use of the Pre-Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes which sets out exactly what both sides must do before court proceedings are issued.

It’s aimed at speeding everything up, making the process simpler and less expensive and encouraging the reciprocal exchange of information between parties at an early stage.

As experienced construction solicitors, we can explain exactly how it works and what needs to be done to reach a settlement. And if the worst happens, and you end up in court, you can rely on our tenacity and efficiency as litigators to fight your corner.

What might happen next?


When there’s an issue over the quality of workmanship, technical issues or the value of work done, expert evidence is usually vital and as building dispute solicitors we have links with building and construction specialists we can instruct on your behalf.

Mediation, arbitration or adjudication

Courts now expect anyone involved in a construction dispute to at least have had a go at trying to sort things out first using a process called Alternative Dispute Resolution – anything from a round-the-table chat to the more formal processes of mediation, arbitration or adjudication.

Court – the last resort

When it comes to claims in construction, our aim always is to avoid going to court if at all possible. And even when proceedings are issued, we will work hard to achieve a settlement at the same time.

"Elizabeth was very, very good in dealing with my case and I could not have been better informed. Promptly responded to. Great service all round."

"Its been refreshing to deal with somebody as professional and efficient as yourself, especially your prompt communication throughout. These seem to be rare attributes these days."

"James dealt with matters very efficiently and empathetically and always answered telephone calls and queries the same day - excellent communication from him."

"Emma Kerry has been excellent in her communication both with myself and the opposing solicitor. I would thoroughly recommend her."

The Court will set a timetable to resolve a matter at trial with the disclosure and inspection of documents from each side followed by the exchange of witness statements and expert evidence before a trial is listed.

Recovering what you are owed

If the court makes a judgement, we can help you make sure it is enforced. For example, if the opponent in the dispute has assets we can help you recover what you are owed with measures including arranging for bailiffs to seize goods, freezing a bank account to have a sum of money paid out and putting a charge on a property to secure your money.